Can You Kiss in a Vegas Area Brothel?

No Barrier Is Required by Law for Kissing in a Legal Nevada Brothel

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Most men are aware that condoms are required to have sex in the legal Vegas-area brothels.

But what about kissing (on the mouth and anyplace else)?  Is kissing legal and, if so, is a barrier required?  After all, any kissing involving tongues would include a small exchange of bodily fluids (at least saliva).

The answer to that is yes, kissing is allowed and no, a barrier is not required. The Nevada condom law is written to protect the girls from semen and blood, which are the fluids the Centers for Disease Control are most concerned about for HIV transmission. HIV is not spread through saliva unless open sores are involved, so French kissing is legal unless you have an open mouth sore.

You’ll never find a girl with an open mouth sore working in a legal Vegas area brothel.  

But don’t assume that kissing is automatically included with oral sex, intercourse or other brothel services. Lots of the courtesans allow it, but if kissing is important to you, be sure to ask in advance, during negotiations, if it will be included. Sex with French kissing is usually referred to as a “girlfriend experience” in a brothel.

Can You Go Down on Her without a Barrier?

Cunnilingus, like kissing, is perfectly legal in the Nevada brothels and no physical barriers like dental dams are required by law for you to go down on a prostitute.  The girl will do a simple mouth inspection and you’re good to go. (See our reporter’s account of going down on a girl at Sheri’s Ranch in his undercover review of the brothel.)

Similarly, if you’re at the brothel with your wife or girlfriend and you’re into finding someone to go down on her, no physical barrier will be required.  All of the brothels in the Vegas area accept women and couples as customers.  For more information, see our review of Love Ranch Vegas and Alien Cathouse.

But as with kissing, be sure to tell the girl you’ve chosen if you want oral sex for your wife or girlfriend.  In my experience, and based on what I’ve heard from friends, the girls are generally pretty loose about you going down on them, usually with no extra charge.  But if it’s critical, ask during negotiations.




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