Canadian Nudists Are Seeking Fresh Blood

1970 nudists

Today’s Youth Are Missing All the Fun

According to the Daily Mail (UK), a nudist colony in Vancouver, BC, has hit hard times. Only 50 – 60 members remain. The club boasted three times that many members in the 1970s.

One member of the Van Tan Club is quoted:  “We have a few younger members, but not a lot . . . and it would be nice to have younger members because we’re getting too old to do the physical work… Somebody’s gotta do it!”

Today, 90 per cent of nudists in the American Association for Nude Recreation are 35 or older. All across the world, millennials have no interest in naked gardening or volley ball. Nudist colonies have turned into a bunch of gray-haired, pot-bellied boomers, walking around naked in the sunshine, just like they did at love-ins back in the 60s, but now, they take Maalox and antidepressants instead of LSD.

What’s wrong with young people today? The old timers need help with the gardening and someone without back problems who can put up the volley ball net. Nudism can be a rave of a good time.

If you’re in the Vancouver area this summer, the Van Tan Club will be having an open house on June 19. Details here.

I’m working on a longer post about Las Vegas nudist clubs and resorts–that’s coming up soon. In the meantime, here’s the Las Vegas Bares Club to tide you over.


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