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Beautiful Booties in the Las Vegas Strip Clubs

There are guys who are boob men, guys who are leg men, and guys who are butt men. Las Vegas strip clubs cater to all types, but in tonight’s post we’re going to zero in on some of the gorgeous booties we’ve been seeing around town in the topless clubs, nude clubs and urban clubs…. Read more »

The Preliminaries for Miss Bum Bum Brazil Are Heating Up

Every year since 2011, Brazil has had a national beauty pageant that seeks to find (and worship) the best booty in the country. More than 500 women compete in Miss Bum Bum contests throughout the year to win a chance at representing their state in the final competition that takes place in Rio de Janeiro… Read more »

Here Comes the Bride, Twerkin’ with Pride

The traditional waltz gives way to the stripper pole.  Here’s a 30-second clip of a bride and groom at their wedding party: According to the Metro News site (UK), the bride’s name is Vivala Diamond and the groom is the one throwing the dollars at her.