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Promoters, Are They Worth It? YES (Digitally Speaking)

When it comes to Las Vegas strip clubs there’s no shortage of advertising & promotions. The most prominent yet archaic means of getting people to a club is the promoter. If you’re walking the strip you will see countless people with flyers, or an elevator pitch ready to launch your way in hopes they’ll convince… Read more »

The Library G.C. – Will The Club Ever Come Out Of Cheetahs’ Shadow?

The Library Gentlemen’s Club Las Vegas  AKA the old Cheetahs! and FYI: nothing to do with the now closed  “Library” on Boulder Hwy! Will the California brand finally break through in the Vegas market!?     Las Vegas is currently home to 23 strip clubs, one of the biggest names to emerge from those 23… Read more »

“Maximize” your Las Vegas Club Time!

“Maximize” your Las Vegas Club Time! Recently TVO posted an ‘expose’ on the shady side of the promoters that nightly ‘flood the zone’ on the strip trying to steer guys to the strip clubs off Las Vegas Blvd. The article, called “What the Hell is a Strip Club Promoter?”, is linked here. We didn’t castigate… Read more »