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Boys Watching Girls Dance

A couple months ago I posted a memoir about going to burlesque shows in Detroit when I was a high school student. (See “When Burlesque Met Rock’n’Roll”). This video of a girls’ dance team in Korea performing for an all boys’ school reminded me of the audience at the Detroit burley in 1963.

When Burlesque Met Rock’n’Roll

Detroit Burlesque in the Early 1960s The first time I went to one of Detroit’s three downtown burlesque theaters, I was 15 years old and it was 1963. All three venues in Detroit at that time—the Empress, the Stone, and the National—advertised in the Detroit News on the movie guide page. No one would have described… Read more »

e. e. cummings was a burlesque fan

e. e. cummings, the American poet I quoted on 28 August 2014, was a huge fan of burlesque from the 1920s (when he was in his 20’s) until his death in 1962. His wife was a former Ziegfeld showgirl. At a time when the politicians and press were calling burlesque obscene and demanding laws to ban… Read more »