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Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun”

No – this is a not a post on the 2nd Amendment. That right is as firm as the girls in Treasures! I just noticed several enterprising Las Vegas clubs, DejaVu Showgirls and Centerfolds, offer their customers a Make it Rain Gun!  Enthusiastic fans can shoot fake or real paper bills at the dancers. It’s… Read more »


Last week TVO posted an alert on a Las Vegas area Sex Party for those willing to fork over $4,500 in crypto currency (or other chattel we presume). The report came from the New York Post, who speculated that it could be a scam. Thanks to a loyal reader and contributor to TVO … Bill… Read more »

Just in Time for Valentines Day – Couple Arrested for Sex On High Roller

The High Roller is that 550-foot-tall ferris wheel located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. It’s the world’s tallest ferris wheel. According to our local ABC TV station KTNV, a male/female couple were arrested for engaging in sex on the wheel after an employee saw them smoking and removing their clothing on the video… Read more »