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$100K Heist Alleged at Nye County Brothel

ABC News has reported that Shiva Zamiri, a bookkeeper at a state-licensed Nevada brothel, and Jessie Aulelava, a Loomis Fargo & Co. armored car driver, were arrested by the Sheriff of Nye County after a months-long investigation led authorities to believe the pair has been stealing money from the brothel’s coffers since October. The sheriff wouldn’t… Read more »

Thunderpants Thief Sues Excalibur for $1.5 Billion

It’s a story straight out of South Park.  In March of last year, Joey Kadmiri, 25, was foiled in his attempt to steal the underwear of the Australian male strippers who perform in the “Thunder from Down Under” revue at the Excalibur. He attempted to do this while the show was in progress. Prosecutors say… Read more »

Judge Rules Underpants Thief Not Crazy

Remember that story from March about the thief who was caught in the dressing room of the Thunder from Down Under male strippers at Excalibur?  If you don’t, he was trying to steal the dancers’ underpants and g-strings and pulled a .44 Magnum revolver on one of the dancers who caught him in the act…. Read more »