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Palomino, A Weekend Review

Palomino, an awesome experience! Last weekend I had a group of childhood friends in town from D.C. After a delicious meal at Yellowtail (Bellagio) the boys were ready to hit the town. Being that they knew I run Maximize LV it was only right they allowed me to work my magic and provide them with… Read more »

Promoters, Are They Worth It? YES (Digitally Speaking)

When it comes to Las Vegas strip clubs there’s no shortage of advertising & promotions. The most prominent yet archaic means of getting people to a club is the promoter. If you’re walking the strip you will see countless people with flyers, or an elevator pitch ready to launch your way in hopes they’ll convince… Read more »

What Clubs are the Hottest? The TVO HOT Rankings

What are the hottest strip clubs in Vegas? History buffs, mark your calendars … add one more milestone to July 10th. Today, in the Pacific Time zone, in Clark County, Nevada, the official HOT Rankings for Las Vegas strip clubs are revealed. Best Scoring Men’s Clubs in Las Vegas – “TVO HOT Rankings™” Ranking Gentlemen’s… Read more »