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10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Strip Club

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Strip Club 1.Bringing Your Wife Who Doesn’t Want to Be There It’s the saddest thing to see in the strip club: the reluctant woman. She won’t make eye contact with the dancers, has her arms crossed, and is clearly uncomfortable in the club. Only bring a date if… Read more »

How Much do Dancers Keep?

How Much Money Do the Strippers Keep From a Dance? On an Instagram post from a site called @thedancersresource I saw an internal document that outlined the revenue share between dancers and a well-established strip club. The photo to the right is the Instagram post. It shows a schedule that the Pink Pony in Atlanta… Read more »

Dancer Negotiations-What if Car Max got in the Club Business?

Click Ad to link to club CarMax Running Strip Clubs? One of the most frequent questions we get at TVO is, “How do I get the best rate for a dance or a VIP experience in a Vegas club?” Similarly, we get dozens of questions on what packages cost, what a booth or room costs,… Read more »