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Dancer Negotiations-What if Car Max got in the Club Business?

Click Ad to link to club CarMax Running Strip Clubs? One of the most frequent questions we get at TVO is, “How do I get the best rate for a dance or a VIP experience in a Vegas club?” Similarly, we get dozens of questions on what packages cost, what a booth or room costs,… Read more »

Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun”

No – this is a not a post on the 2nd Amendment. That right is as firm as the girls in Treasures! I just noticed several enterprising Las Vegas clubs, DejaVu Showgirls and Centerfolds, offer their customers a Make it Rain Gun!  Enthusiastic fans can shoot fake or real paper bills at the dancers. It’s… Read more »

Vegas Casino Party Pits — Dancing Girls in Their Underwear Make Gambling More Fun

Here’s Where to Find Vegas Casino Party Pits in Fall 2017 I think the first “party pit” I ever saw in a Vegas casino was the Pussycat Dolls party pit at Caesars Palace somewhere around ten years ago. The Pussycat Dolls, a singing/dancing group, had their own showroom at Caesars, so the casino set up… Read more »