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Life as a Truck Stop Stripper

So, these two girls from Brooklyn, Natalia Leite and Alexandra Roxo, decide to make a series of documentaries in which they “try on” different women’s jobs. Naturally, they decided for their first film to try dancing in a strip club. Did they go to one of the swank NYC clubs where they’d be entertaining lawyers and… Read more »

Underground Lap Dance Clubs

Playboy published an article this week on NYC’s underground lap dance clubs, which are thriving. We don’t have underground lap dance clubs in Vegas and I don’t know of any in cities other than New York. An underground lap dance club is like a strip club without the stage and the DJ and the night club lighting,… Read more »

The Stripper vs the Professional Gambler – A Vegas Strip Club Story

A few nights ago I went with a group of five friends to Palomino Club (club website). All my buddies are professional gamblers, mostly sports bettors now, though I played on blackjack teams with a few of them years ago. There’s a big difference between gamblers and professional gamblers. The kind of gamblers the casinos like are… Read more »