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Interview with the ‘Talent Man’ at Sapphire: AJ Trunk

Interview with the ‘Talent Man’ at Sapphire: AJ Trunk The comedian Lily Tomlin had a routine I’ll never forget. She rhetorically asks the audience, “What if we all grew up to be what we wanted to be when we were kids?  … It would be a world with nothing but firemen, cowboys, nurses and ballerinas!”… Read more »

House Mother – Does Your Favorite Strip Club Have One?

Does your favorite strip club have a house mother? You don’t know? Really? My experience is most customers don’t know the answer to that question because most of us didn’t know they exist in the clubs. We’ve watched enough reality TV and movies about brothels to understand the concept in that setting; but strangely, we… Read more »

Where’s Snyder?

  Okay, guys, I’ve been missing from this site for a while, and I will continue to be missing. It’s been a tough decision to make, but I’m hanging it up. The truth is:  I’m 74 years old and the Vegas strip club scene is too late night for me. I want to go to… Read more »