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Las Vegas Reopening Announcement Coming Later Today

Nevada Gaming Control Meets Today to Determine Bat Plague Casino Reopening Requirements Today is the Nevada Gaming Control workshop that will determine reopening requirements for Las Vegas casinos.  “Health experts” have been invited to testify, with these witnesses likely chosen according to their reliability at delivering whatever testimony the powers that be want to hear… Read more »

Breaking News in the Bat Plague Wars

Note:  Part of this post, “Is Sisolak Conspiring with Vegas Casinos to Keep Them Closed To Screw the Union?” got too long and had to be moved here. Trump Orders All Places of Worship Reopened Immediately In his press briefing this morning, President Trump declared places of worship to be essential services and ordered governors… Read more »

A Surgeon Explains the Full Folly of Masks

Facial Masks Increase Risk of Covid-19 Transmission, Not Decrease It A surgeon of 30 years says this: Covid-19 virus particle size averages 125 nanometers (0.125 microns); the range is 0.06 to .14 microns.  One needs an electron microscope to see a Covid-19 virus particle. The hoarded N95 mask filters down to 0.3 microns. So, N95… Read more »