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Urban Dictionary Defines “Lap Dancers”

For the first time ever, yesterday, July 27, 2014, the term “lap dancer” has been defined in the Urban Dictionary: Lap dancers Bounce on your ass all day and get paid to make a male turned on Damn there lap dancers by Nighthawk69 July 27, 2014 Thanks, Nighthawk69, for a long-overdue contribution to the English lexicon.

Liquid Lap Dance Pants

Gettin’ Wet in the VIP Liquid Lapdance is a new type of underwear that’s been specifically designed to make lap dances more “climactic” for men. The product was created by a visionary Las Vegas company that’s been around for a couple years. From the Liquid Lapdance website FAQ: “Regular clothing is dry, rough, and uncomfortable during lap dances.  Guys… Read more »

Lap Dancing: Not an Amusement

Philly Says Local Strip Clubs Owe “Amusement Tax” The city of Philadelphia recently attempted to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from local strip clubs by claiming that for years the clubs have failed to pay the “amusement tax” on lap dances. Attorneys for the clubs argued that lap dances at strip clubs are theater,… Read more »