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How Many Strippers Work in Las Vegas?

How Many Strippers Work in Las Vegas? Letty D from Phoenix asked TVO, “How many dancers live and work in Las Vegas?  In pre-Covid Las Vegas the estimates were about 25,000. In Marc Ostrick’s outstanding documentary “Stripped: Las Vegas” he cited the number 20,000. In the wake of the Sisolak lockdowns thousands fled the Silver… Read more »

Vegas Adult Store and Video Arcade Guide

Dirtee, Freq-E, Nasty and Naughty TVO’s new reporter, Larry Brent, has compiled a list of adult stores and video arcades in Las Vegas, with prices, reviews and detailed recommendations. These are the top places to shop for sex guides, vibrators, lingerie, fantasy outfits, lubricants, bondage and fetish equipment, and other sexual gear you won’t find… Read more »