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Vegas Buffets Gone for the Foreseeable Future

Vegas Buffets Being Converted to Food Courts Word is all or virtually all Vegas buffets are being converted into food courts. Just in case anyone thought Democrats intended to let up on their Bat Plague hoax after the election. China seems to be realizing their puppet Joe Biden is going to be royally trashed November… Read more »

Nevada Brothels Reopen for Take-Out Escort Services

Vegas Brothels Still On Hold Five Nevada brothels, including Mustang Ranch in Storey County and Bunny Ranch in Lyon County, near Reno and Carson City, are now offering “non-sexual” escort services. That means they are offering exactly what Las Vegas and Nevada non-brothel escorts have always offered, which is always officially “non-sexual.”  You pay for… Read more »

Palomino Club has Reopened

Palomino Club, one of the very best strip clubs in Las Vegas, has reopened. For the first week or two, the club will be opening at 8 pm and closing at their normal time of 5 am Sundays through Thursdays and 7 am Friday and Saturday nights.  They plan to get back to their normal… Read more »

Vegas Casinos Install Metal Detectors (Updated)

Cosmopolitan to Limit Entry After 6 PM I’ve been mentioning that with the Vegas convention business gone to Orlando and Dallas, and other tourism down due to Bat Plague, we’ve been seeing nightly brawls and shootings on the Strip.  Poor Wynn is resorting to renting their suites to people who sneak in 23 guests to… Read more »