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Random Vegas #1

Butt Lift Prize! DejaVu’s new club, El Infierno, has a unique offer. To attract and retain dancers the club is offering a FREE BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT to “Top Grossing Entertainers” …. plural. There must be a great health plan. Will this make it over to the signs at Little Darlings?   Artisan Hotel Porn-cam Takeover… Read more »

Weekend in Vegas – May 20-22

Treasures — Beautiful Women & The Steakhouse ♦ Treasures is the only gentlemen’s club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse. The Steakhouse is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pm to midnight. The Steakhouse at Treasures always serves 100% US Prime beef, Australian cold-water lobster tails, fresh seafood and has a well curated wine list. The… Read more »

EDC in Las Vegas this weekend!

The skinny jeans, the day glo face paint, the “who are you looking at old-timer?” glares are all back in town, That can only mean the real EDC (electric daisy carnival) is back at the Las Vegas International Speedway. Our friends at Palomino are a stone’s throw from this three-day celebration of music, art and… Read more »