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Cops Nabbed in Brothel Raid

From the Hindustan Times comes a story of four cops charged with transporting a convicted murderer from his jail cell in Jharkhand to a nearby hospital for a health check-up. After the hospital visit, the cops decided to take a detour (with the prisoner in tow) to a red light district in West Bengal 128… Read more »

San Diego Strippers $1.5 Million Suit (update)

It was reported by ABC News in San Diego that the 30 strippers suing the SD Police for detaining them and photographing them in their dressing room are suing for a total of $1.5 million, or $50,000 each. The suit claims the photo session was a violation of the dancers’ Fourth Amendment protection against illegal… Read more »

San Diego Rejects Strippers’ Complaint – Lawsuit Filed

As we reported here on March 20, strippers at Cheetahs in San Diego filed a complaint with the city against the SD Police Dept. vice squad, charging the cops with violating their rights when the cops blocked the club entrances for two hours in order to check the dancers’ IDs and work permits and photograph… Read more »