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First Legal Vegas Brothel to Offer a Sex Robot?

Vegas Brothel Robot to Service Fetishes I’ve seen five reports the past few days that one of the Las Vegas area legal brothels, Alien Cathouse, is now or will soon be offering sex with a sex robot that utilizes artificial intelligence.  They quote a brothel spokesperson saying that the purpose of the sex robot will… Read more »

Las Vegas Area Legal Prostitutes’ Rights Under Attack

Las Vegas Area Brothel Owners Trying to Pull a Fast One According to a story in the Las Vegas Sun, Nye County Commissioners are considering a proposed amendment to the ordinance that regulates the county’s legal brothels, which are the closest legal brothels to Las Vegas. The amendment would require prostitutes to be retested for… Read more »

Can You Kiss in a Vegas Area Brothel?

No Barrier Is Required by Law for Kissing in a Legal Nevada Brothel Most men are aware that condoms are required to have sex in the legal Vegas-area brothels. But what about kissing (on the mouth and anyplace else)?  Is kissing legal and, if so, is a barrier required?  After all, any kissing involving tongues… Read more »