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Las Vegas’ First Marijuana Dispensary Opens Today

Forty medical marijuana dispensaries were approved for Clark County last year, and the first one–Euphoria Wellness–finally opened for business today, Monday, August 24. The pot shop is only serving “invited” customers today and tomorrow, but will open to the general public on Wednesday. Nevada’s dispensaries will cater to medical marijuana patients from any of the 19… Read more »

The Float Tank Experience in Las Vegas

Warning – You Could Get Hooked on the Wonderful Feeling of Nothing Two weeks ago I posted “Is Sensory Deprivation the Best Legal High?”  about the Float Sanctuary, a new biz downtown that features “sensory deprivation” tanks that can be rented by the hour. I knew when I took a tour of the place that I would… Read more »

Is Sensory Deprivation the Best Legal High?

Float Sanctuary Opens in Las Vegas On this website I try to cover anything and everything about adult entertainment in Las Vegas. This makes the primary focus of TVO erotic entertainment. Next year, when Nevada is likely to legalize recreational marijuana (for adult entertainment), I’ll talk about venues that sell pot. (It’s already qualified to be… Read more »

Free Sex All Summer Long at Austrian Brothel

According to, the Pascha Brothel in Salzburg, Austria, is advertising a Summer Special that includes free entry, free drinks, and free sex. Hermann Muller, proprietor of Pascha and other legal brothels in Austria and Germany, says he is making the offer in protest of Austria’s high taxes on brothels, which he claims makes it… Read more »