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Friday Election Countdown

The Dem Collapse in Florida I will be updating this post all day, but the Dem early vote lead is down to 114,293 at 6:30 pm ET in Florida.  This is another 49k drop, and without reporting by big red Polk and Sarasota counties for two days now.  The GOP is now outperforming 2016 in… Read more »

Thursday Election Countdown

No, We Didn’t Lose in SCOTUS The GOP lawsuits against new Pennsylvania and North Carolina election laws did not lose in SCOTUS.  Some leftist outlets and “journalists” are pretending the GOP lost, but most Democrat outlets are now warning Democrats it’s too late to vote by mail. All SCOTUS denied was an “expedited” review.  They… Read more »

Biden Gets Bobulinskied

Tape of Hunter Talking about his Chinese “Spy Chief” Business Partner I’m going to be blogging all day about the Biden corruption revelations and election numbers.  Here’s a start. This is a recording from Hunter Biden’s laptop of Hunter leaving a voice memo to himself.  The timing is right after the disappearance of his partners… Read more »

Massive Biden Vote Fraud Ring in Houston Busted

Fake ID from China Used to Vote for 1000s of Dead and Homeless Texas Democrat Politicians Involved Journalist Patrick Howley is reporting that a massive Biden-controlled vote fraud ring in Houston has been busted. The ring has been run by Biden’s Texas campaign head Dallas Jones, Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Biden political… Read more »

Hunter Biden Text Explains How the Money Gets Whacked Up

Joe Biden Gets Half the Money Hunter Gets for Joe’s Protection Racket In my post on the Biden family’s protection racket, I discussed the report that the Senate Homeland Security and Treasury Committees released on Hunter Biden. The report included thousands of pages of documents that show Hunter Biden got at least tens of millions… Read more »