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Las Vegas Brothel vs Escort Prices

Las Vegas Escorts Have Been Raising Their Prices It used to be that you could save as much as a few hundred dollars with an independent escort in Las Vegas in comparison with the prices in Las Vegas area brothels.  That was because an independent escort got to keep your entire payment for herself, while… Read more »

Barcelona Sex Doll Brothel Forced to Go “Underground”

Three weeks ago, I reported that a brothel had opened in Barcelona with no prostitutes — just life-size sex dolls with working orifices. (See Spanish Brothel Sells Sex with Dolls.) Now, we learn from the Express (UK) that this brothel, Lumi Dolls, has been forced to move to an undisclosed location after complaints from real-life Spanish prostitutes… Read more »

Dennis Hof on His Life as Nevada’s Largest Brothel Owner

Dennis Hof changed the brothel landscape in Nevada, the only state in the U.S. where brothels are legal. Before Hof, working girls in Nevada’s legal brothels were more like slave laborers. They could not leave the property during their two-week shifts. They could not take personal cell phone calls or use personal email. They were… Read more »