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Brothel in Europe Fires Prostitutes Because Customers Prefer Sex Dolls

Can Human Prostitutes Compete with Sex Dolls? The single most popular post on TVO ever was our September post, Las Vegas’ First Sex Doll Brothel. Not only did this post generate more web traffic to this site than any other post in its history, but the number of emails and DMs I got from readers… Read more »

Nudist Restaurants Booming in Europe

According to the Mirror (UK), London’s first naked restaurant, Bunyadi, opened last month on June 11. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 42. The waiting list for table reservations already has 44,000 names on it. Who knew that so many Brits wanted to eat with their clothes off? In addition to clothing being verboten in… Read more »

Europe’s First Blowjob Cafe to Open Soon

According to the Mirror (UK), Europe’s first blowjob cafe will be opening later this year in Geneva, Switzerland. This business model has proven popular in Thailand the past few years, and Facegirl – the Swiss escort agency that will be operating the cafe – apparently believes that European men would also appreciate the fast-food approach to getting… Read more »