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Amnesty International Comes Out for Prostitutes’ Rights

Amnesty International, the most respected protector of human rights in the world, has (finally!) said that prostitution should be decriminalized worldwide, because the criminalization of prostitution is itself a violation of human rights. The group published its Proposed Policy on Sex Work on its website. You can read the full proposal here. Amnesty International was… Read more »

Boomers Have Had More Sex than Millennials

Time magazine recently reported the results of a study of 33,000 people that was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study concludes that of all the generations currently alive in the US, the Baby Boomers have had the most sex.  (All Boomers reading this are smiling knowingly.) Boomers have averaged 11 sex partners… Read more »

The Price of Illegal Sex Is Going Down

It’s a Buyer’s Market for Prostitution These Days An interesting survey was published in the Economist last August. “More Bang for Your Buck” provides an analysis of prostitution as a business. The basic finding is that the cost of sex is going down. Most of the data used for this analysis came from a website in… Read more »