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The World Naked Bike Ride Comes to Las Vegas – June 11, 2016

The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) has been an official worldwide event since 2004, taking place in cities all over the world. This is the first year that Las Vegas is participating – thanks to the Erotic Heritage Museum (museum review).  [Note:  The 2017 World Naked Bike Ride will be held in Las Vegas on… Read more »

A Strip Club Funeral – Big Al Gets a Proper Send-Off

Three weeks ago, Al Zuccarini, the owner and general manager of Big Al’s Gentlemen’s Club in Peoria, had a fall outside a restaurant, hit his head, suffered brain trauma, and died two weeks later. Al was only 57. Yesterday, Al’s funeral was held at Big Al’s, and according to the National Funeral Directors Association, it’s… Read more »

Stripping for the Dead

Funeral Strippers in Taiwan In 2011, Mark L. Moskowitz, an anthropologist, made a documentary film titled “Dancing for the Dead: Funeral Strippers in Taiwan,” in which he takes the wraps off the scantily-clad young female dancers who perform on “Electric Flower Cars” (essentially stages on wheels) that typically accompany religious processions. The practice has been going… Read more »