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Vegas Strip Club Bachelor Parties, Divorce Parties, and Other Private Parties

Bachelor Party Package Deals in the Vegas Strip Clubs: Better Value and More Fun Vegas is bachelor/divorce party Mecca and the demand for strip club private parties has done nothing but grow since the 2009 Hangover flick. You can always just gather your buddies in a cab, head over to a club, and have fun. … Read more »

Vegas Strip Clubs on a Budget

You can have fun in Vegas strip clubs on almost any budget. If you’ve got $500, you can have a blast. $150? No problem. $50? You can still have fun. $25? You’re still not out-of-action. Still, Vegas strip clubs have a reputation for being too expensive, and for good reason. The most common entry fee… Read more »

You Call It Tuesday at Deja Vu

If you’re in the mood for drinking tonight, Deja Vu Showgirls is the place to be. On You-Call-It Tuesdays, all drinks, including all top shelf liquors, are just two bucks. Drinks you’ll pay $18 to $20 for at any other strip club in town are just two bucks all night long tonight at Deja Vu.