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What’s the Best Time to Go to a Vegas Strip Club?

Vegas Strip Clubs Start Late … Go Late! Prime Time in the Vegas Strip Clubs is Later than in Other Cities Sapphire’s Lap Dance Scene Gets Lively by 9 pm Las Vegas’ best strip clubs are on a late schedule compared to strip clubs in most other cities. Prime time in the Vegas clubs—when you’ll find the… Read more »

Dancer Negotiations-What if Car Max got in the Club Business?

Click Ad to link to club CarMax Running Strip Clubs? One of the most frequent questions we get at TVO is, “How do I get the best rate for a dance or a VIP experience in a Vegas club?” Similarly, we get dozens of questions on what packages cost, what a booth or room costs,… Read more »

Dating Vegas Strip Club Dancers

Is She Making a Pass At Me? “Miguel,” a TVO reader, recently posted a question on our Vegas Strip Club Etiquette page about a couple of Vegas strip club dancers who offered extraordinary sexual contact plus their real contact info outside of the club.  He wanted to know what to think of this.  Here’s his… Read more »