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Why Do Male Strippers Strip?

According to an academic study published by the University of Colorado and described in the UC Denver Newsroom, most professional male strippers make less than $100/night, but they do it for the self-esteem boost. Even if they have a good job and the money from stripping isn’t much of a financial factor in their lives,… Read more »

Final Voting for 2015 Exotic Dancer Awards

Final Voting is now open (from July 3 – July 20) for the 2015 Exotic Dancer Awards. The ED Awards show will be held at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans on August 25. Reagan Reilly, TVO’s Dancer of the Month for January, has been nominated for Newcomer of the Year, (and she’s already gotten my… Read more »

Las Vegas’ Black Strip Clubs – Latest News

Seamless Has Closed, Foxy’s May Be Reopening This town has had a helluva time trying to keep urban (i.e., black) strip clubs in operation. Note that the clubs discussed below in fact have (or in some cases had) customers, staff and dancers of all races, but they featured predominately African American dancers and the music… Read more »