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How Much Does the Highest Mileage Cost in a Vegas Strip Club?

High Mileage Lap Dance and VIP Dance Rates in Vegas How much do you have to pay to guarantee the highest possible mileage in a Vegas strip club lap dance or VIP dance? The standard lap dance rate in even the best Vegas strip clubs is $20. For longer dances, I regard Sapphire’s dance prices… Read more »

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs for Couples Looking to Get Turned On

I take my wife to Las Vegas strip clubs  because it’s one of our favorite forms of foreplay.  You get dressed up and head into this dark and elegant environment, where you’re treated like royalty.  You unwind with a couple of drinks as beautiful young women peel off their clothes on stage and come up… Read more »

How to Negotiate Prices in Vegas Strip Clubs (Updated)

Personally, I hate negotiating prices with dancers. If a dancer says her price for a dance is something other than the standard price for that club—and every club has a standard rate for its dances—I usually decide right then and there if I’m willing to pay her price. If a club has a standard rate… Read more »