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Spearmint Rhino: “Shape Up … or Ship Out!”

Leading Club Warns Dancers: Don’t Smell So Bad!   Country singer George Strait has a hit song titled, “She Let Herself Go.” The ironic title is about a wife who finally allows herself some freedom, luxury and fun after a suffocating marriage. I don’t think the message that Spearmint Rhino is sending to their dancers… Read more »

Vegas Police Ordered to Pay Former Spearmint Rhino Dancer $82K

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police must pay a former Spearmint Rhino dancer $82,500 for false arrest. The incident occurred in 2011, when the dancer was with a friend and planning to meet another friend at the Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Vegas Strip. Because the vice cops recognized her as… Read more »

World’s Oldest Stripper Hits the Road

Lizzie Oliver Learns to Pole Dance at Age 86 Are you ready for 86-year-old Lizzie Oliver, a retired high school cafeteria cook in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, who is now the world’s oldest stripper? Lizzie allegedly started taking pole dancing classes at her senior center, discovered she was pretty damn good at it, and decided to make a career of… Read more »