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Spanish Brothel Sells Sex with Dolls

A new brothel recently opened in Barcelona that has no prostitutes. Lumi Dolls is the first brothel in Europe, and probably anywhere in the world, that sells sex with lifesize dolls. Four different models are available — a European (blonde – see pic), an Asian (brunette), an African (curly blonde), and a Japanese anime-styled doll with turquoise hair…. Read more »

The First Talking, Responsive Sex Robots Will Be Available Next Year

According to the Daily Mail (UK), the first talking, life-size, responsive, body-temperature sex robots will come onto the market in 2017. Expect the price to be about $15,000. The first of these near-human sexbots available in the U.S. will likely come from Abyss Creations, a California biz that now markets RealDolls. Last year, we reported… Read more »