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How Much do Dancers Keep?

How Much Money Do the Strippers Keep From a Dance? On an Instagram post from a site called @thedancersresource I saw an internal document that outlined the revenue share between dancers and a well-established strip club. The photo to the right is the Instagram post. It shows a schedule that the Pink Pony in Atlanta… Read more »

EDC in Las Vegas this weekend!

The skinny jeans, the day glo face paint, the “who are you looking at old-timer?” glares are all back in town, That can only mean the real EDC (electric daisy carnival) is back at the Las Vegas International Speedway. Our friends at Palomino are a stone’s throw from this three-day celebration of music, art and… Read more »

Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun”

Gun Control – The “Make It Rain Gun” No – this is a not a post on the 2nd Amendment. That right is as firm as the girls in Treasures! I just noticed several enterprising Las Vegas clubs, DejaVu Showgirls and Centerfolds, offer their customers a Make it Rain Gun!  Enthusiastic fans can shoot fake… Read more »