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Vegas Under the Bat Plague Regime (Updated)

Bellagio Features the Worst Bat Plague Harassment in Town If what you are coming to Vegas for is the most Bat Plague harassment for the buck, Bellagio is where you want to go. Bellagio has installed those Bat Plague Plexiglas dividers on many of their gaming tables, guaranteed to concentrate any minor Bat Plague exposure… Read more »

Memorial Day After the Apocalypse

CDC Issues New Warning for Post-ScaryVirus World Monster Rats Seize Control! Restaurant closures during the ScaryVirus apocalypse have apparently led to a new form of giant super-aggressive rat, according to the CDC. “Now they could be ready to unleash a wave of ‘aggressive rodent behavior’ on an unsuspecting public as society begins to reopen.” —… Read more »


Shutdown Lawsuits and Protests Increase A new lawsuit has been filed against the New Jersey governor’s order to lock down churches, synagogues and mosques essentially forever. And the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ has filed a statement of interest in a shutdown lawsuit in Illinois, saying “However well-intentioned they may be, the executive orders… Read more »

Shamdemic Quote of the Day

How Is It That Bat Plague Only Attacked Rich Countries? If the virus is the great destroyer as presented, why didn’t poor countries…suffer? Why is poor Cambodia not devastated by Covid? Cambodians have little medical care, and they accepted a whole boat-load of “infected” passengers from The Diamond Princess. They also have thousands of Chinese… Read more »