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Springtime at an Alaskan Strip Club

Anchorage, Alaska, March 1991— I was standing outside the Great Alaskan Bush Company in Anchorage, Alaska. It was a lot smaller than I had expected. But it was cold, dark and dreary outside. I went inside. There were maybe 15 other customers in the place and a dancer on the stage. No one was sitting… Read more »

House Ignites the Topless Club Stage Show

House Showclub has just changed its name to House Topless Showclub, but the change goes a lot deeper than the name. This place now has a legitimate shot at becoming a real competitor in the Vegas strip club scene—which it hasn’t been since Rick’s Cabaret abandoned the property three years ago. Read More…

Stripping for Higher Education (continued)

According to a story on (ABC News in Indiana), a college student identified only as “Maggie” will graduate debt-free because she’s earning $180,000/year working part time as a stripper. Maggie attends the University of Maryland in College Park, majoring in political science and Spanish.  Every weekend she takes a 3-hour train ride to Manhattan… Read more »