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Dancer Negotiations-What if Car Max got in the Club Business?

Click Ad to link to club CarMax Running Strip Clubs? One of the most frequent questions we get at TVO is, “How do I get the best rate for a dance or a VIP experience in a Vegas club?” Similarly, we get dozens of questions on what packages cost, what a booth or room costs,… Read more »

“Kinky Summer Nights: A Fetish Burlesque” at Scores – TVO Review

  It’s always an exciting event in Las Vegas when a new show opens. A burst of creativity being shared for the first time in public is a high wire act, regardless of the venue, the budget, the ‘star-power’ or the advanced publicity. This week “Kinky Summer Nights: A Fetish Burlesque” opened, and the total sum… Read more »

Reagan Reilly Unmasked at Palomino Club on Weekends

Reagan Reilly has been performing on stage at Palomino Club on Friday and Saturday nights. If you ever wanted to watch a dancer — who not only possesses one of the most dynamite bodies in this town of dynamite bodies, but who is also a superb athlete and gymnast — go see Reagan Reilly perform… Read more »