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Doctors Enjoy “Recess” in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

Doctors Enjoy “Recess” in Las Vegas Adam Gentile, the owner of the World-Famous Palomino Club was good enough to introduce me to a physician from the East Coast. This doctor spent time describing his annual trip to Las Vegas to meet a group of colleagues who gather in Nevada for a long weekend party in… Read more »

Can You Get a High-Mileage Dance in Vegas Nude Clubs?

Can You Get a High-Mileage Dance in Vegas Nude Clubs ? Yes, You Can Get a High-Mileage Lap Dance in a Vegas Nude Club Scarlett Takes It All Off at Palomino Club It’s a simple fact that lap dances in the Vegas topless clubs tend to be higher mileage than in the nude clubs. The… Read more »

50 Years of Beautiful Strippers at Palomino Club

Happy Anniversary to Palomino! I first went to Palomino Club in the early 1980s.  It was running classic burlesque shows, with dancers who started out in gowns and gloves and stripped down to their bare skin all over, and I hadn’t been in a classic burlesque club since Detroit in the 1960s when I used… Read more »