Cheetahs San Diego Dancers Win a Moral Victory Against Cops

Cheetahs strip club dancers who were forced by cops to undress and be photographed against their will in 2013 finally had a day in court last week, though no settlement was reached. We’ve been following this story for a few years (see Strippers Sue San Diego Cops).

But the dancers have already won a moral victory in that a federal judge refused to throw the case out, as the City of San Diego had requested, and another federal judge ordered the cops and the dancers into court to attempt to settle the lawsuit without a trial.

In addition, there have been no reported incidents of the San Diego cops doing this at any other strip clubs since the dancers filed their lawsuit.

Another hearing has been scheduled for May.

In addition to financial compensation (the dancers sued for $1.5 million, or $50K per dancer), the dancers are seeking an agreement from the cops that they will no longer hold dancers against their will and force them to pose undressed for photos. The Police want the right to do this in strip clubs as a routine law enforcement procedure.

If a settlement cannot be reached, this case will go to trial.

In a separate lawsuit, the City of San Diego has been attempting to close Cheetahs for violations of the county’s “no touching” law. The club claims that the city’s refusal to renew their license was retaliation against the club for their dancers filing suit against the cops. A court ruled in favor of the city in 2015, but the club is appealing that decision and remains open.


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