Clark County’s Proposed New Regs for Strip Clubs to Start May 1

I want to thank Jim for posting a link to the proposal Clark County has drawn up for easing the Covid restrictions that will go into place on May 1, 2021. I’ll outline the specific language that applies to strip clubs below. To read the entire 36-page proposal, click here.

On May 1, strip clubs will be allowed to increase their occupancy level from 50% to 80% capacity. Social distancing within the clubs will go from 6 feet to 3 feet. Dancers will also be allowed to perform at only 3 feet distance from customers. Dancers can be less than 3 feet if they have vaccine proof or they can show a negative result of a Covid test (repeated weekly if not vaccinated).

Does “less than 3 feet” mean lap dances will return? I don’t see any language relating to physical contact, so . . .

Note that the May 1 loosening of restrictions hinges on the numbers of Covid cases/deaths staying low. The proposal does state that “factors such as increased viral spread, the unknown nature of various variants, and otherwise could result in increased baseline mitigation measures, or the State resuming control of some or all mitigation measures.” So, we’re not out of the woods yet.

I’ll keep you posted on any new info as it comes in.



16 Responses to “Clark County’s Proposed New Regs for Strip Clubs to Start May 1”

  1. 808forever

    Yay, distance is closer, but still gotta wear those damned control muzzles xP.

    I wonder which club will be the first to test those distance/contact limits……..can’t wait to patronize that club 😀

  2. Nunya

    Customers with vaccines or proof of antibodies/negative test should be allowed contact with any dancer.

    • Arnold Snyder

      KeltonG: I don’t see any reason why Little darlings would have to remain closed, since strip clubs will no longer be required to call themselves lounges or bars.

  3. BennyHill

    Its almost May.

    The country is being destroyed and you are worried about lap dances.

    You must really need that money.

    Ready to admit everything you posted was a lie?

    • Arnold Snyder

      BennyHill: The audit of the votes in Maricopa County is going forward. I suspect it may be a few more months before Trump is reinstated as prez, but we’re fighting a crooked court system in addition to the crooked voting machines and poll workers. But this is America and the truth often wins in this country, so just hold your horses and watch the show.

  4. Nunya

    Palomino has removed the banner from their homepage that noted there was no nudity and they were operating as a bikini bar. Seems like a good sign.

  5. Nunya

    Palomino had a message on their website that free transportation was not available Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday. That message has has now been removed so looks like they are starting free shuttle 7 days a week.

  6. Tyler K

    Anyone know of any deals coming up now that clubs will actually be open again? I doubt we’ll find much, but will be in town with about 10 guys next week. We use to go to the Rhino when they did the $100 bottles during the day. Doubt we find anything near that, but I really havent found much at all online…..TIA

    • Aaron

      If you have 10 guys to split the bill with one of the group packages sounds ideal. Palomino has a big ass bucket package that would be about 77 per person. Treasures has a 2 bottle package for about 70 per person. I guess it really depends on your bankroll, but 70 bucks or so for transportation, admission, a table, and booze isn’t bad.

  7. Nunya

    I’d like to see if Sapphire opens back up 24/7 or at least expands into afternoon hours. Also, if they will be allowing free entry when taking club transportation. I’ve seen the $65 package (about $80 with tax/fees) on their website but you have to dig around to find it and not sure if they are honoring that. Includes a ride, free entry, a table, and $50 drink credit. Not needed during the day if they revert to old ways in the afternoon of free entry and $6 beers.

  8. Tom

    Looks very promising. My GF and I LOVE the Palomino but want to to be back to “normal”. Sitting at the rail is a pleasure for us when it’s a nude club. Still about 10 weeks for us. Fingers crossed.

    • Jafo

      Tom, I can confirm the rails at Palomino are open for business…and glorious to behold. This would be as of May 1st.

      I miss the place already!



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