Club Paradise Closed by the Police (and IRS!)

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Club Paradise Closed by the Police (and IRS!)

On June 6, 2014, Club Paradise in Las Vegas was temporarily closed by the police who are investigating a credit card fraud scheme at the club. There’s no word on how long this temporary closure will be, but it’s already pushing two weeks with no word of when the club might reopen. John L. Smith wrote about it in the Las Vegas Review Journal two days ago.

According to Smith, Metro–in conjunction with the IRS–is building a case of credit card fraud against at least two dancers after customers complained of being overcharged by thousands of dollars. Allegedly a witness also claims a customer was drugged.

This sounds similar to the scam that’s been in the news about five strippers at a NYC Scores club who are under indictment for drugging customers, then maxing out their credit cards. I’ll watch for updates on what’s happening with Club Paradise and report details here.

See updates on this story:  “Club Paradise Petitions Las Vegas Court to Reopen” and “Club Paradise is now Club Purgatory” and “Update on Club Paradise Closing”

Most recent update (Nov 10, 2014):  Club Paradise Files Suit Against Former Managers and Dancers

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