Club Paradise is now Club Purgatory

According to local TV station KLAS on their 8 News Now website, a local man, Jeff Yeagley, alleges he was drugged at Club Paradise in January and $40,000 was rung up on his credit cards. Police are also investigating six other alleged victims of credit card fraud at Club Paradise.

Club Paradise is saying that it too is a victim of this fraud.  The club has been cooperating with Metro (police) in the investigation, which—according to Dominic Gentile, Club Paradise’s attorney—is focused on rogue dancers who were working as independent contractors. Club Paradise alleges that in the same time period as these alleged credit card frauds, $10,000 in cash was stolen from the company safe.

Club Paradise has remained closed since June 6, when police confiscated the club’s computers. The club says it cannot reopen until its computers are returned, which contain its business operating programs.

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Most recent update (Nov 10, 2014):  Club Paradise Files Suit Against Former Managers and Dancers


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