Club Paradise Petitions Las Vegas Court to Reopen

As reported here last month, “Club Paradise Closed by Police (and IRS),” it’s been six weeks now since Las Vegas cops raided Club Paradise, confiscating all of the club’s computers and who knows what else, essentially closing down the business. Vice cops had a warrant to find evidence that dancers in the club were drugging customers to run up charges on their credit cards.

So far, no arrests, no indictments, and no indication from the police that any evidence of wrongdoing has been found. Lawyers for Club Paradise said that no drugs were found. Today, Club Paradise asked a district court judge to order the police to return their computers and other hardware, along with $100,000 in cash that was also taken by the cops, so that the club can reopen for business.

We’ll keep on top of this story as it continues to unfold.

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Most recent update (Nov 10, 2014):  Club Paradise Files Suit Against Former Managers and Dancers