Coming November 1 – TVO Dancer of the Month Brenna Sparks of Legends Room

Brenna Sparks at Legends Room Las Vegas

Brenna Sparks at Legends Room

25-year-old Brenna Sparks is a porn-star-in-residence at Legends Room, a luxurious new Vegas topless club.  That means she has an exclusive performance contract with the club.  If you want to meet Brenna, watch her dance on stage, or get cozy with her in a private VIP room, Legends Room is the only place you’ll find her.

You will find Brenna at Legends Room just about every weekend.  She’s originally from Connecticut, started dancing in Chicago when she was nineteen, and now calls Vegas home.

She’s relatively new to porn, having appeared in only a few XXX TV shows and one adult film (just released this year). She also works as a professional model and is a popular cam girl.  

Brenna is not only beautiful, with a va-va-voom body, she’s smart.  She says she made Legends Room her home club not only because of the comfort and beauty of the property, but also because the club accepts cyber-currencies like Bitcoin and its own crypto, LGD. She wants to retire by the time she’s 30 from her crypto-investments.  Then she intends to become a venture capitalist.

TVO photographer Hew Burney, who was the official AVN photographer for more than a decade, couldn’t get enough of her. We were at Legends Room for three hours, during which time he shot more than 900 pics of Brenna. Check back on November 1 for her full Dancer of the Month photo gallery, our first of a dancer from Legends Room.

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