Coming Soon: Our January 2019 Dancer of the Month — Mandi of Palomino Club

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Mandi

Mandi Dances at Palomino Club

Stay tuned for our new photo gallery of TVO’s January 2019 Dancer of the Month, Mandi of Palomino Club, on Monday, January 7.

If you’ve got a thing for smoldering Latin bombshells, wait till you see Mandi at Palomino Club. With curves in all the right places and mischievous eyes you can get lost in, when Mandi smiles she lights up the room.

On stage, Mandi is a born exhibitionist and she’s mesmerizing to watch. You can tell she thinks being sexy is downright fun and teasing men till they’re insane with lust gives her immense pleasure. If you really want to see her glow with satisfaction, let her tempt you into one of Palomino’s private theme rooms for a nude one-on-one show you’ll never forget.

Palomino Club Vegas DancerIf you can’t wait for January, you’ll find Mandi at Palomino most nights and just about always on the weekends. Palomino Club has been on TVO’s short list of the best gentlemen’s clubs in Las Vegas since we opened this site four years ago, and it’s girls like Mandi that are one of the prime reasons why.

Get a lap dance from Mandi and you’ll see how friendly and easy to talk to she is, so don’t be shy. Palomino Club has some of the best strip club private bedrooms in Vegas.  Get her alone so you have her all to yourself — and fully nude — for a Vegas adventure that will make this trip one of the most memorable vacations of your life.

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