Cool Down with Porn’s Hottest Blondes at Sapphire June 1-3

Jessa Rhodes and Tiffany Watson are Coming to Vegas to Test Your Will Power

Sapphire, the largest gentlemen’s club in Vegas, has a couple of dynamite blondes scheduled as featured performers this weekend. Both of them have been making XXX flicks for a couple years and have since branched out to do live performances because they wanted to meet their fans.  Here is your chance to make them live up to their wild reputations.

On Friday night, June 1, Jessa Rhodes will be in the club, turning on the crowd from on stage before making herself available for one-on-one private shows in Sapphire’s VIP. Then on Saturday afternoon, June 2, Jessa will be out in the sunshine, hanging round Sapphire’s topless pool, still looking for guys to fool around with in the club’s VIP (accessible from the pool through a secret back entrance).

You may have seen Jessa in such flicks as College Girls Like It Dirty and My Slutty Weekend. Take her into one of Sapphire’s private luxury Skyboxes and make this your own slutty weekend.  Remember, Sapphire’s rules allow touching.

On Saturday night, June 2, porn kitten Tiffany Watson will be in the club teasing the crowd mercilessly on stage in order to find guys to get seriously dirty with in private. The next day, on Sunday afternoon, Tiff will be flirting with fans at the Sapphire topless pool and luring guys who want to get alone with her into a dark VIP to see what happens.

Tiff looks like the milk and cookies type, but Sapphire insists she’s 21 and old enough to drink. Last year (2017) she won the Spank Bank Awards for “Best Display of Bubble Bath Twerking” and “Best Presentation of Daisy Dukes.” She’s starred in such immortal XXX flicks as Detention Hall #2 and the critically-acclaimed My Virgin Daughter.

Both Jessa and Tiffany will start their stage sets at 11:30 pm. If you want first flirting privileges with either girl when they come down from the stage, just reserve a seat at their private tables (with a two-hour open bar) for $135. You can even reserve a steak, lobster and champagne dinner date with one of them in a Sapphire Skybox. Whipped cream included, and these girls will know what to do with it. Set up your fun online (or call 702-869-0003).

Or get a solo-guy package starting at $65 and settle in to enjoy the stage show and Sapphire’s unsurpassed lap dance orgy.  (Group, couple, and bottle packages are also available through that link). All packages include free limo transport, free admission, a discount on drinks, a line pass, a reserved VIP table and the royalty treatment at one of the most elegant strip clubs in Vegas. Note: There are 400+ stacked and slender babes at this club.  Without a package, it may be impossible to find a place to sit down.

The Sapphire Pool is open from noon to 6 pm if you prefer daytime fun with porn babes.  This is my favorite topless pool in Vegas because it’s the place where the Sapphire dancers party, get sloshed, and work on their tans.

Sapphire’s pool packages start at $70 for free limo service to the pool, free admission, a line pass, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and a $50 beverage credit. Or call 702-869-0003 to make your reservations. On Sunday afternoons, Sapphire offers a free pool check-out special in which they pick you up at your hotel, store your luggage for the day, then limo you to the airport for your flight home. It’s a great way to stretch your Vegas vacation.  Topless, full bar, 21+

4 Responses to “Cool Down with Porn’s Hottest Blondes at Sapphire June 1-3”

  1. Jobu

    Do the stars do lap dances the day they are at the pool? Does the pool do happy hour pricing for drinks since it’s afternoon, or is it $12 a beer? Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jobu, the porn stars do VIP dances at the pool but not $20 lap dances. (Think $150+ in the air-conditioned VIP.)

      The pool drink price is cheaper than the club at night. A beer was $10, if I remember correctly.

      But the pool also has liquor sponsors every day, so they run drink specials all afternoon. Sometimes there will be a free shot, or some kind of cocktail for the price of a beer or a buy 1 get 1. They make it easy to get buzzed.

  2. George Flores

    I will be attending Brooklyn’s adult star weekend. Never been to Sapphire’s. I’ve already purchased my vip open bar Saturday night. What should I expect ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      George, you should expect Brooklyn Chase cavorting on stage topless, then partying with you in a reserved space in the heart of the club.

      Within 24 hours of paying for your package, you will receive an email about setting up your limo pick-up time and place. Be sure to respond promptly to that email. They’ll call you again within an hour or so of pick-up to confirm. They’ll be on time for you.

      The club will likely pick you up in one of their Teslas. The driver will escort you past the line into the club to your host, who will escort you to your prime seating. The club is dark, elegant, and huge, lit mostly by a wall of sparkling blue lights. Your host is there to help you throughout the evening. There will be 400+ gorgeous, stacked dancers in the club and if you spot one you want in your lap, just ask your host and he will make the introduction. It’s literally an ocean of uncountable hundreds of beautiful scantily-clad women as far as the eye can see. Otherwise, you will be in a VIP location and the girls will be introducing themselves.

      If you want more than a selfie and autograph from Brooklyn, you will have first crack at taking her to the VIP. The staff will bring your drinks and she will get down to a g-string and you can expect as much physical contact in that dance as you can handle.

      One tip: Take your time selecting your first dancer for a lap dance or private show. The first 2-3 girls to approach are typically the most aggressive in the club and typically not the best looking. If your perfect girl happens to be the first to approach, fine. Otherwise, get rid of the first 2-3 and watch the low-hustle, more beautiful girls approach.

      Bring cash for any lap dances or private shows you may want to get. There’s a 20% surcharge at every strip club in Vegas for dances paid for with a credit card and the ATM fees are outrageous everywhere except at a bank. But there’s no surcharge if you use your card for drinks or admission.

      Let me know if you have any questions. I think you’re going to have a great time.



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