Covid Decision Theater: Vegas Shutdown Continues

Democrats Test Drive New Talking Point for Permanent Shutdown

Democrat Nevada Governor Sisolak’s COVID-19 task force, a group of Sisolak puppets that perform Covid Decision Theater every week or two in an attempt to ward off rebellion and keep the shutdown heat off Sisolak, voted this morning to postpone the decision to reopen bars in Pahrump for another two-week period.

They’re not even considering reopening Vegas strip clubs, nightclubs, and shows.  Just bars.  With every other chair removed and mandatory masks. And they still postponed it.

They’re voting on Vegas as well sometime today. But as Pahrump is the next town over from Las Vegas and a much smaller town, there is no chance whatsoever that Las Vegas will be allowed to reopen. And it won’t be any different in two weeks.

I was watching the livestream of the Covid task force meeting on Facebook. Every commenter was hurling unmitigated hatred at Sisolak and his puppets. The citizenry is finally getting wised up to what’s going on.  But not enough.  Huge swathes of the public still watch this theater thinking things may actually reopen any time now, and that it actually depends on the “data”.

The only question I’ve been mulling is whether we reopen after the election.  The Nevada state budget deficit is rapidly approaching 50%.  We have an unemployment rate of over 25% and our unemployment compensation fund has run out.  And Wall St says the shutdowns have broken the Vegas economic model and at least 40% of our tourist revenue will never return.  Half of our jobs are dependent on tourist revenue.  It pays 40% of our state tax revenue.

But the Democrat leadership, which is leading an insurrection, doesn’t care about any of that, and Sisolak is their willing puppet.  He will keep Las Vegas closed until cows are grazing on the Strip.

Mayor De Blasio of New York City announced Monday that existing shutdowns will continue there until there’s a vaccine (337 restaurants have filed a $2 billion lawsuit against the city and state in response). Governor Newsom of California announced the same thing back in May.

But Trump announced yesterday that the feds will be shipping Covid-19 vaccines to states on November 1. So here is Katie Hill, the disgraced Democrat congresswoman from southern California, test driving the Democrats’ next excuse for keeping the economy shut down in a tweet this morning:

I’m a big fan of vaccines but DAMN I’m skeptical of one that‘s supposed to have been developed, tested, produced, and distributed in 6 months — right in time for the re-election of our very own dictator.

And for you people saying, oh, well, that’s just Katie Hill, that’s not the Democrats, here’s Kamala Harris putting out the exact same talking point, as well as Democrat Rep. Raul Ruiz.  Here’s the LA Times putting it out as well as The Atlantic.  It’s clearly the new Democrat Bat Plague talking point.

Democrat governors have no intention of lifting the lockdowns in their states after the elections.

The only thing that will change this state of affairs is kicking every last Democrat out of office.  The party must be driven into electoral extinction so a sane, healthy opposition party can take its place.  That process will start in November, but it will take until 2022 to complete, with a few stragglers to take out in 2024.

The Facts About the Covid-19 Vaccine

Let me be clear about why the vaccine development has been so fast.  It’s an mRNA vaccine.  Scientists have been experimenting with them since the 1990s.  So it’s been known for a while that they work well and can be made safe.  But it seems like there’s never been a sufficient financial incentive before to actually carry out expensive large-scale human trial safety studies on one of them.

What the drug companies have been doing for the past six months is the human trial safety studies (this link describes the safety testing well; please ignore CBS’ Bat Plague fear-mongering at the end).  They’ve been doing them with volunteers, starting with small groups of a few dozen volunteers, then graduating to mass trials.

Mass human safety studies of tens of thousands of people are going on as I write this all over the world.  Many physicians have been test subjects in Phase 3 of the testing.  These are the same safety studies they do for any new drug.

We could debate whether Big Pharma safety testing is ever adequate.  But if you take other prescriptions, these vaccines have gone through the same safety and effectiveness testing process.

The federal government made this speedy mass testing possible by paying for it.  The feds have also paid for the necessary manufacturing capacity to produce vaccines for 300 million people fast.  That enabled drug companies to set up manufacturing capability while safety studies were still going on.  The feds took on the risk that the safety studies might fail.

Another reason for the speed of development of the Covid-19 vaccine is that it doesn’t require manufacturers to brew up large quantities of virus, which can take from four to six months for a known virus to years for a new virus.  It only takes days to cook up a synthetic mRNA vaccine.

That means if the vaccines are found safe, 10s of millions of them can be manufactured within days and delivered to people who want protection from Covid-19.  If some or all of them are found unsafe, all the unsafe manufactured vaccines get disposed of and the government bears the loss.

It was a brilliant way to handle emergency development of a new drug for people who want it.  In no way did any of the speed come from stinting on human safety studies.  It came from the government paying to set up manufacturing capability while the safety studies, also paid for by the government, were still going on.

Normally, manufacturing wouldn’t even be getting set up for another couple of months.  And it wouldn’t be setting up to produce at the volume the government is able to pay for.

The government is even paying for the manufacture of syringes and vials, so they’ll be ready in the quantities needed when the vaccine is ready.  The government is, again, bearing the risk that Chop Fluey may die out and kill demand for a vaccine before the vaccine can be produced.

The Effectiveness of the Covid-19 Vaccine

The media, including CBS in the link above about the vaccine human testing, is pretending that the Covid-19 vaccine’s effectiveness will be in the 50% area, like a typical flu vaccine.

But they are just pulling that number out of thin air.  For one thing, there are no numbers out from studies yet on this specific vaccine.  For another thing, this is not a typical vaccine.

A typical vaccine includes a piece of a virus or bacteria, alive or dead, to trigger an immune system reaction in your body.  The Covid-19 vaccine puts a very small amount of mRNA in your body to trick your cells into thinking a virus is present and produce antibodies to it. No part of the Covid-19 virus is injected into your body.

There has recently been an outbreak of a vaccine strain of polio in Africa.  That kind of breakout is impossible with the Covid-19 vaccine because it doesn’t contain Covid-19.

The effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine is expected to be 90% based on early data.  The effectiveness is likely to remain through mutations of the virus as long as the virus is covered by those spikey proteins.

We won’t have official data from the mass human trials until October.   Vaccines given for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis are 80% to 90% effective.  Again, the flu vaccine is about 40% to 60% effective.

Will I Get the Vaccine?

No, I won’t.  In my opinion Bat Plague is a case of propaganda-induced mass hysteria rather than a pandemic.  The virus has the death rate of the common cold.  And even if I believed that Covid-19 was a serious health threat, I have no risk factors.

In addition, I use Big Pharma health interventions as seldom as possible.  I never get flu vaccines.  If I want to travel to a country that requires a vaccine, I call off the trip.  The last prescription I took was an antibiotic before I had a tooth pulled.

When I’ve had health problems, I solved them with a change in diet.  If I actually came down with Bat Plague symptoms, I’ve got a link to an online doctor who will overnight me hydroxychloroquine.  I’d take that with zinc for a week.

But if I were a vaxxer, and I were actually concerned about Bat Plague, I’d strongly consider getting this vaccine.  I’d look at the numbers when the study results are released in October and make my decision.

To me, the main value of the vaccine is its potential for safely calming a mass public delusion.

In any case, as I’ve been saying for months, the Democrats still won’t lift these shutdowns even after the election or when there’s a vaccine available. The media will blast out the same kind of vaccine disinfo that they blasted out for hydroxychloroquine.

Trump’s October surprise may speed up that process.


It’s confirmed that bars, shows, strip clubs, etc. will not be allowed to reopen in Las Vegas.

Quote from @VitalVegas after Sisolak’s brief press conference:  “One takeaway from today’s news conference:  Many decisions, affecting millions of people, are being made based upon concerns for Governor Sisolak’s 94-year-old mother.”

The smart thing to do would be to protect her with the hydroxychloroquine plus zinc Covid-19 prophylaxis protocol.  I mean, if he hadn’t banned it based on the fake Lancet study that had to be retracted months ago.

19 Responses to “Covid Decision Theater: Vegas Shutdown Continues”

  1. Robby

    That’s a pipe dream unfortunately. 50% of the country votes Democrat and that is unlikely to change. Nice to be hopeful, but unlikely to change perceptions like that. Also the virus won’t go on after there is a vaccine. Even the Democrats know that’s ridiculous and it doesn’t serve their self-interest at that point. Talking beyond that is just fear mongering.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Robby, you’re wrong. You clearly didn’t see 1972. Democrats will remain Democrats at heart but will be abandoning the party in droves in November and in 2022

      Trump is now up a couple of points in a New York county that Hillary won by 16 pts. That means he’s winning the bluest of blue suburbs.

      Trump is winning the Philly suburbs. Biden is having to spend big ad money in CO and VA. Trump is already up 3 pts in Minnesota and 4 pts in New Hampshire, both states Hillary won. New Mexico and Nevada are in play. Inslee will lose the governorship in Washington.

      The best election model in the country, by Helmut Norpoth, forecasts Trump will get 362 electoral college votes. Trump is currently winning the national popular vote by 3 pts.

      A poll that came out in the past few days showed half of Jewish lifelong Democrats will be voting for Trump. 31% of Democrats are already fighting back against Democrat talking points on Charlottesville. 20% of the people at Trump rallies are registered Democrats. Multiple polls show 20% of blacks voting for Trump, and those polls are now creeping upwards. I’ve seen 23% in the past week, and 27% in Pennsylvania in the past week. Democrats cannot win Pennsylvania or Michigan if the black vote goes 17% or more for Trump.

      Trump now leads with Hispanic likely voters in Florida by 2 pts, according to a new Dem-skewed Quinnipiac poll. HIllary won Hispanics in Florida in 2016 by double digits. Remember how the Democrats running Puerto Rico warehoused all the food and water and other aid the Trump administration sent for hurricane victims? They were trying to drive enough Puerto Ricans to Florida to take the state in 2020. Oops. You failed. The people the corrupt San Juan mayor drove out are voting for Trump.

      John James is beating the Democrat incumbent for the U.S. Senate seat in Michigan by 2 pts. In the Minnesota Senate race, Republican John Lewis is 2-4 pts ahead of the Democrat incumbent.

      Independents are now as unlikely as Republicans to say whom they’re voting for in November. That’s because they’re voting for Trump. Dem-leaning indies are long gone for the Democrats.

      Plus Democrats made the dumbest decision in political history when they decided to close down colleges for their Bat Plague hoax. Now they can’t herd dumb kids on campus in to vote for Biden. The kids are all at home. Trump is up 4 pts in New Hampshire before even taking into account the 55,000 missing college students from out of state who would normally be there voting for Biden.

      In Nevada, Sisolak’s dumb ban on bars and nightclubs and shows will cost Democrats the state. Not only is UNLV shut down, costing Democrats all those college votes, but the Culinary Union is 75% laid off. The Culinary Union used to herd their members onto buses to the polls with paid time off from work, followed up by a free lunch. Those people voted for whomever the union told them to vote for. They won’t be voting in November.

      Democrats are so stupid they killed off Harry Reid’s vote fraud machine.

      And you’re wrong about the Democrats’ plans. In fact, you’ve been wrong at every step of the Bat Plague hoax. Democrats wouldn’t be testing out trashing the vaccine if they didn’t plan to continue the shutdowns. I’ve seen more than one Democrat use that talking point.

      Even Fauci was out trashing the vaccines a few days ago, saying he wasn’t sure he would trust a vaccine developed this fast. He neglected to mention that the vaccine development pace was normal. The efficacy of mRNA vaccines was already well known. It was the safety that was in question. The speed with the Covid vaccine has come from Trump having the federal government pay for the manufacturing of all the possible vaccines as they were being safety tested. The companies could manufacture with zero risk as they tested. So there’s no six-month delay for manufacturing once safety is proven.

      I’m afraid you are just another very naive Democrat with your head up your ass and have been since the start of the Democrat/CCP Bat Plague hoax. Democrats with their Antifa-BLM Sturmabteilung have become Nazis. Americans just don’t like Nazis.

  2. Aaron

    We are also assuming the vaccine is highly effective. The flu vaccines that come out each year only help against specific strains of the flu and are only 50%ish effective sometimes. Are the Karens of society going to let things reopen at that point? I think not.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, this is a different type of vaccine than the flu vaccine. It’s an RNA or mRNA vaccine. The mRNA will supposedly code your cell to make antibodies as if the mRNA were coming from your own DNA. Effectiveness is not so much the issue. This is a new technology so safety is the issue.

      Flu vaccines contain actual inactivated virus or actual proteins from the virus in hopes of triggering your immune response to create antibodies.

      Flu vaccines can be infectious. mRNA vaccines can’t.

      I won’t be getting the Covid vaccine because I have no risk factors for Covid. If I had risk factors for Covid, I would be taking hydroxychloroquine with zinc as prophylaxis. If I neglected to take prophylaxis, I would take hydroxychloroquine with zinc as soon as I had symptoms.

      HCQ has been around forever. It’s safe. Risk factors are well known. We’ve never had an mRNA vaccine before.

      But you know, a lot of people love vaccines while they believe the media disinfo on HCQ.

  3. jj solari

    i like that phrase that the democrat party must be “driven to electoral extinction.” that’s a very good way of saying what needs to be done. i am stealing that expression and that whole game plan. thank you.

  4. Bill

    I will say that I don’t know how much of an effect anything will have on some, may have tds so bad Biden could literally walk into their home and destroy everything and they still would vote for him

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, I’m doing a post on the polls tomorrow.

      It’s going to be a Trump landslide.

      In union organizing drives or political races, about 10% of the workforce or likely voters are immediately on your side, an easy pick-up. Another 20% leans your way. You sign them up fairly quickly too.

      Then you fight for the big middle. In politics, that’s the centrists and the independents. The GOP is wrapping up this part of the fight right now.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Wynn’s buffet, where a waitress takes your order and then brings you your food (so it isn’t really a buffet) is closing.

    People don’t like the non-buffet buffet.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    One hilarious thing that came out of Sisolak’s genius puppets at today’s Task Force Decision Theater was that restaurants can reopen counter dining.

    So you can sit at a bar, the same as any bars that serve drinks, and eat food. But you can not sit at a bar, exactly the same as the ones serving food, and have a drink or play video poker.

    Please keep that in mind and take another look at my post on Bat Plague as psychological warfare, Enforcing Trivial Demands:

  7. John

    Just remember that if the Democrats go out of business, there will just be another liberal party to replace them. That mindset will always be out there and there’s nothing we can do easily to fix that. Too many Republicans cling to wedge issues like abortion, etc., and that turns too many people off.

    Meanwhile, too many Republicans lack the intellectual integrity to come out and clearly and unashamedly call the virus a hoax and say masks are unneeded and a vaccine is unneeded. Even Trump falls in this category along with all the Republican governors who continue to leave their states shut down (or who shut them down in the first place)!

    The only intellectually honest political mindset in existence is Libertarianism. The two mainstream parties are both hypocrites for one reason or another.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, the Bat Plague hoax and the riots are not the result of policy differences. America can work those out.

      They are the result of an organized crime syndicate that has taken over the Democrat Party (and a good chunk of the Republican Party, though not Trump).

      • John

        Arnold, you’re wrong on Trump. I voted for Trump. I will vote again for Trump because he’s the lesser of two evils.

        But Trump has failed us in that he lacks the spine to come out and say clearly and unequivocally that the virus is a hoax, that we shouldn’t wear a mask, and that we shouldn’t take any “vaccine” they provide. In short, he lacks the balls to say what he knows is the truth. Allowing his speech, or lack thereof, to be muted by the establishment syndicate is just as bad as being in the syndicate in the first place. No bystander is innocent.

        Because he doesn’t have the spine to clearly and firmly speak the truth, it tells me he’s either drank the Kool Aid, or he’s just became another politician worried about reelection like the rest of them.

        • Arnold Snyder

          John, I’m right on Trump. It’s not a matter of spine. He was faced with mass panic at a time when a Democrat-controlled media that fully controls the narrative. Trump doesn’t even have Fox.

          It took him 2 1/2 years to shut down the Russian Collusion hoax even though it was clear from January 2017 that he had not colluded with Russia and that the DNC files had been downloaded by Seth Rich.

          The Ukraine impeachment hoax began in July and took until February of the next year to shut down. The only reason they were shut down so fast is that people tuned in to the impeachment hearings and saw the witnesses for themselves. They saw the Democrats had nothing. The media couldn’t keep the hoax going after the public saw the actual hearings.

          The public didn’t panic over Bat Plague until March, a full two months after the Chinese Communist Party propaganda had started. Before that, Democrats had been impeaching Trump and calling him a xenophobe for cutting off travel from China and then Europe at a time when he couldn’t be sure how bad this virus would be because China blocked him from getting samples of it for our scientists to look at. Pelosi and Cuomo were encouraging people to go to Chinatown festivities for the Lunar New Year at a time when it still looked like the virus could be dangerous.

          Once the media created mass panic in March, Trump was facing an impossible decision. Trump is a master persuader but he knew it still took over six months for him to shut down the Ukraine impeachment hoax.

          And he once again had not only the entire media against him, pushing fake death and case numbers, pushing horror stories about the virus turning blood into sludge, causing strokes, causing permanent neurological damage, killing children and all the rest of the bullshit, but he also had the public health Deep State, including Fauci and Birx, working for the Democrats’ hoax. Fauci is back out there TODAY hoaxing up a second surge in six states. The media plays up Fauci, a truly evil Big Pharma shill, as some kind of god.

          All of the info has been out there for six months proving that this is a hoax. But almost half the public still believes it. Davehat, who is a regular at TVO, was still saying masks worked after I linked 15 or 16 times to over a hundred studies showing they don’t work, and after I had explained what the studies showed about why they don’t work.

          People can’t take in info they are not ready to hear and Trump knows that. A great politician has to prepare people to be lead before he tries to actually lead them.

          Trump’s primary job in March and since has been to win reelection. Not because it’s some kind of big treat for him, but because he could not turn the government back over to the criminals who put us in lockdown and who are running the Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists.

          Even John Ioannides hasn’t been willing to come out on television and speak against the hoax. He doesn’t want his career cancelled. He talked to Trump privately, published a couple of papers the media ignored, and then went back into hiding at Stanford.

          So Trump focused on getting trillions of dollars out to working people and into the economy. He knew the economy was a goner because of fear no matter what he said. So he got a trillion dollars in infrastructure spending out there. He knew the Democrat governors would not turn this money down, even though keeping people working on this infrastructure was a blow to their Bat Plague narrative.

          He got a trillion dollars in cash directly to working people through extra federal unemployment benefits, which included money for self-employed people, and the $1200 checks.

          He sent hundreds of billions to state and local governments to keep state and local government employees paid. He got money out to small businesses. He got another trillion into companies to make ventilators and vaccines and put up temporary hospitals. He got hospitals a ton of money in extra Covid reimbursement so they could survive the lockdowns and panic that kept people from getting normal care.

          Trump knew he couldn’t stop the hysteria fast enough to save the economy, so he saved the economy and people with money. When you have enough money, it’s easier to overcome Bat Plague hysteria.

          No president since Lincoln has had to deal with the kind of insurrection this country is now facing. Trump has more spine than any president since Lincoln. I consider a person’s ability to recognize Trump’s value as a kind of IQ test.

          Trump keeps using persuasion to bring people out of the mass hysteria about Covid. He called the Big Ten to get football going again. He calls endlessly for schools to reopen, got excoriated for saying kids aren’t at risk even though kids aren’t at risk.

          He’s got red states booming and citizens in Democrat-run states seething at the continuing lockdowns. Hair salon owners in San Francisco are in full rebellion!

          Trump’s got U.S. manufacturing orders at their highest level in 16 years. Housing is booming. The stock market’s at new all-time highs.
          And people locked down by evil Democrat governors are getting money from the federal government.

          And all of this with the media 100% against him, Nancy Pelosi trying to block money for locked-down workers, and Democrats’ running their terrorist riots for 100 straight days in a row.

          • John

            Again, I will vote for Trump, but listen to yourself.

            Trump approved PPP and extended unemployment which are socialist programs. It’s taking from people like us who do not enjoy unemployment or free payroll giveaways, and redistributing that money to unemployed people who failed to save. That’s socialism, and Trump approved it.

            And just because he has the media stacked against him doesn’t give him license to withhold facts like wearing masks are bad and the virus is a hoax from the American people. The fact is he is afraid that people would react negatively to the truth, and therefore he hides it from them. You can spin it however you want, but the hypocrisy is astounding.

            He approved a socialist redistribution program that increased the national debt by billions and refuses to tell us the cold hard truth because he thinks we can’t handle it.

          • Arnold Snyder

            John, listen to yourself.

            I don’t give a fuck if you consider these “socialist” programs. Democrats shut down the economy and Trump kept people alive and eating.

            He’s the president and that is what he had to do. Peoples’ physical need to eat when Democrats were trying to starve them supercedes your libertarian fantasies.

            He has the right to withhold any facts he wants when he judges people aren’t ready to hear the facts. You’re the kind of 8th-grade level thinker who ran the Goldwater campaign against LBJ in 1964 and got him absolutely fried. That kind of moronic purity got 58,000 U.S. troops killed in Viet Nam.

            Go vote for Biden and see how you enjoy reeducation camp.

        • Kevin B

          I feel the same way, John, but have doubted Donald enough when he came up correct to give him the benefit of the doubt. All of these cities and states that went in to hysterical lockdown can’t blame Trump for forcing them to open. They can only look inwards at their $billion + deficits and when massive cuts come to public services such as teachers/cops/garbage men/firefighters and massive increase come to taxes and government services, we’ll see a lot of anger directed towards these local governments. Everyone knows Trump doesn’t support masks and doesn’t support lockdowns based on his behavior. They know he supports mass gatherings and a return to normalcy with all his rallies. I wish the President stood up against these hysterical lockdown advocates early, but I do wonder if his strategy all along was to not interrupt his enemies when they’re making a mistake. We’ll see in November but his poll numbers are creeping up again and I think the October surprise we are waiting for is mass support flowing his way when this country awakens from it’s shared psychosis



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