Straight Male Escorts … in Las Vegas, and a Town Near You

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Straight Male Escorts for Women in Vegas

Ladies, all is fair in love, war and paid for sex! If you’re a female coming to (or living in) Las Vegas, you should know that there are straight male escorts available for you. Most of the escort services in this town (and in most cities) cater to male clients. This is true even of male escort services as these services primarily serve the gay male market.

But one local Vegas service, Cowboys4Angels, caters exclusively to women (or couples). The rates are similar to the rates of female escorts, $400-$500 per hour, $1200 for four hours, etc. The cowboys’ individual rates vary and are posted online, where you can peruse pics and get other info on the guys available.

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Male Escorts are Legal in Nevada

As with female escorts, you do not contract for sex with a male escort, as that would be illegal. You simply pay the hourly rate for companionship. But as the Cowboys4Angels website explains in their FAQs:

If we have a romantic spark is that illegal?  No, it is not illegal to have a romantic spark with your escort companion.  Anything that may or may not happen is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults of a legal age, and is not contracted for, nor is requested to be contacted for, or compensated for in any manner.

In other words, you pay the escort service their fee, and that gets you a certain amount of companionship time. You happen to like the guy a lot–and he likes you so much–that you wind up in bed. Romance happens.

Cowboys4Angels website

These guys all look like ripped hunks in their mid-20s. Some of the escorts available through this service have appeared on the Showtime series Gigolos.

So ladies, have a good time, and gentlemen, be patient.

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