Best Deals for Using Credit Cards & ATMs in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Using Credit Cards for Lap Dances and Private Shows

Legends Room Las Vegas stripper

Tara Dances at Legends Room

All Vegas strip clubs accept credit cards for admission, drinks, food and packages without a surcharge or transaction fee, and most accept all the major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).

But it’s different if you want to use your credit card to buy lap dances or VIP dances.  Dancers aren’t equipped to accept credit cards for a lap dance or private show.  So if you haven’t brought cash for dances, most clubs offer two options.  Either use the club ATM to get cash through a cash advance or bank account withdrawal, or use your credit card to purchase “dance credits” from the club. 

The Vegas Strip Club Dance Dollar Surcharge

Vegas strip clubs that sell dance credits typically sell them in the form of coupons, or a kind of club currency.  Hustler Club, for example, sells “Beaver Bucks.”  Sapphire offers “dance dollars.”

Unfortunately, dance credits are a form of cash advance in which the strip club incurs risk.  That means they have to charge a substantial mark-up on the cash advance to cover their risk.  For example, there’s a 20% markup on Beaver Bucks. That means $100 in Beaver Bucks will cost you $120. Other clubs have similar markups on their dance coupons.

Another consideration with any dance coupons is that they’re nonrefundable and nonnegotiable for anything other than paying for dances in the club where purchased.

The Only Vegas Strip Club That Pays a Dance Dollar Bonus

There is one strip club in Vegas where a lack of ready cash is not a problem. At Legends Room, an elegant Vegas topless club, you can buy the club’s LGD tokens with your credit card with no transaction fee or surcharge.  And you can spend the tokens on any goods or services the club offers—from admission to drinks to lap dances and private shows.

Even better, you get a 20% discount on any goods or services you pay for with the club’s LGD tokens.  That means a $10 beer is $8, a $20 lap dance is $16, and a 15-minute private-room dance is $120 instead of $150 when you pay with LGD tokens. By contrast, a $20 lap dance at Hustler will cost you $24 if you pay with Beaver Bucks.

The way the discount works at Legends room is they pay you a 20% bonus when you buy the club’s tokens even when you pay for them with your credit card.

LGD tokens are a form of cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which Legends Room also accepts for all services and goods.  You can hang onto them to use in the future.  You can trade them if you’re a crypto speculator.  You can even buy a club membership with them.  Or you can sell tokens back to the club for a 10% transaction fee if you have any left at the end of the night.

Vegas Strip Club ATMs

Every major Vegas strip club offers a convenient ATM, usually located in the entryway or near the restrooms. But you should be aware that the transaction fee for these ATMs will be much higher than what you would pay to get cash from your own bank ATM, or even from an ATM at a different bank or convenience store.

Gentlemen’s club patrons are “the ultimate example of a captive audience,” said Mike Stevenson of Ohio-based WRG Services, an ATM provider. “You’ve got guys with naked girls in front of them. They’re thinking, ‘Do I pay $10 or do I go down the street (to use the ATM) and miss 10 minutes of this?'” (See “Surcharge A Go Go” at

In their sales pitch to strip club owners, ATM Machine Corp says: “It is not uncommon for ATM machines in gentlemen’s clubs to charge transaction fees higher than 12 dollars.”  In some Vegas strip clubs, I’ve heard of transaction fees as high as $25.  That’s a lap dance you’re blowing.

So think ahead, guys, and either come with cash or go to the club that pays you a 20% bonus for buying the club’s dance tokens, even with your credit card.


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