Customer Sues Stripper to Get His Money Back

According to Radio Station 97.9 (the Box) in Houston TX, a stripper who performs as “Nomi” is being sued in small claims court by a customer (identified only as “Robert”). He says they had a relationship. She says, “I’ve never heard of a customer suing a stripper … This guy is a nutcase.”

In a later report from a UK website, Robert is quoted as saying the money he gave her was a loan. Nomi is quoted: “I’ve given him gifts, too. How do I get my booty and boobs back.”

I’m taking all bets on Robert losing. I think Nomi’s “nutcase” defense will prove to be the stronger legal position. (Wait, I take that back. I’m not taking all bets. I’m in Vegas for chrissake. I got too many acquaintances who will be calculating the odds and trying to negotiate points. My opinion: Robert’s a nutcase.)




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