Vegas Strip Club Dancers Qualify for WuFlu Unemployment Compensation (Updated April 1)

Self-Employed and Independent Contractors Get Your Free TrumpBux!

Vegas strip club dancers and other independent contractors and self-employed people hurt by the Nevada shutdown:  The president has announced that unlike normal unemployment benefits, the coronavirus aid bill provides unemployment benefits for you too.

Also, the maximum unemployment benefit, which usually stinks in Nevada at $427 a week, will be raised by $600 to over $1000 per week under this bill.

You don’t have to put in a waiting week before applying either.

How to Apply

You can get information on how to apply for special coronavirus unemployment compensation in Nevada here.  This is where to get info for the self-employed and independent contracters, as well as info on getting extra weeks and amounts of unemployment under federal coronavirus aid for those who qualify for normal unemployment compensation. (Note:  As of April 1, the page says Nevada is awaiting federal guidelines for both programs.)

Get some free money and relax.  You deserve it.  This is simply compensation for the government seizing your livelihood.  Make them pay!

You don’t even have to worry about hurting your strip club or other employer.  The Feds are picking up the tab.

For people who qualify for normal unemployment compensation, Department of Employment state offices are overrun, so applying online is best for now.

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  1. BennyHill

    You are doing God’s work.
    Looking forward to our ladies being back to work!



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