Dating Vegas Strip Club Dancers

Is She Making a Pass At Me?

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer“Miguel,” a TVO reader, recently posted a question on our Vegas Strip Club Etiquette page about a couple of Vegas strip club dancers who offered extraordinary sexual contact plus their real contact info outside of the club.  He wanted to know what to think of this.  Here’s his question:

I’m in my early fifties and somewhat overweight but fairly decent looking. I had two (what I thought were strange) experiences at one specific strip club on two separate occasions. The girls who I chose to get dances from, regular lap and VIP, both gave me their real names and phone numbers/social media. See, I know these clubs are all about the fantasy and that 99% of the time the girls are not interested in you outside of the club.

I’ve never even contemplated dating one when I was younger because I’m not the suave, confident, sexy-physique type of guy. My best attributes are that I’m extremely intelligent, an excellent listener and an even better conversationalist.

In fact, that’s all I can really offer them because I don’t have much money at all. How did this happen? Is it really just the good conversation? Is this really what these girls are missing in their lives? I have no idea though I’m not interested in sex per se, I’m more interested in physical contact and the mental aspect of flirtatious behavior. I asked one of them and she said she’d love to go out but we haven’t set a date yet so I don’t know if she’s blowing smoke up my a**. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I forgot to add… The one who said she would go out for dinner, also let me suck on her nipples, put her tongue in my mouth and gyrated her nude p***y on my hand. On more than one occasion. The other one also let me suck on her nipples. I really don’t know what to make of this. Is it all just part of their act?

Why a Vegas Strip Club Dancer Would Give You Her Number

As a general rule, Vegas strip club dancers don’t French kiss during lap dances or VIP shows. I’m not saying I’ve never run into this, but it’s rare. A dancer might give a few dozen guys a lap dance in a single night. She’s simply not going to risk catching a cold or the flu, or who knows what all, from that many strangers five nights a week.

Physical contact with a dancer’s breasts, with your hands or your mouth, does not present the same risk to her, so that is more common, especially with your hands.  It’s hard for a dancer to compete in a Las Vegas strip club without offering high-mileage lap dances.  But that doesn’t mean most dancers are comfortable with men sucking on their nipples or ready to allow it.

As for dancers giving you their names and phone numbers, this is not uncommon in the best Vegas strip clubs. Many dancers have business cards printed with their names and numbers, though the names might still be pseudonyms, even if different from the names they use in the clubs. Dancers do this so that good customers can contact them and find out when and where they’ll be working. The phone number on this card may connect to a burner, used solely for making arrangements with customers.

But even dancers who provide names and contact info to customers don’t usually make dinner dates with them.

So, in Miguel’s situation, there are three possibilities.

She Likes You

Vegas strip club dancers will sometimes give their contact info to a customer just because they really do like the guy and would like to see him socially outside the club. Some dancers have personal policies against ever doing this, but dancers are human and sometimes chemistry just happens.  It’s happened to several readers of TVO.

She Wants You as a Regular Customer

A second, more common possibility is that the dancer is giving you her contact info because she’d like you as a regular customer (see above).  Maybe she won’t actually go out to dinner with you, but she wants to encourage you to come see her at the club because you were nice to her, you tipped well and you were more interesting to talk to than most of the customers she meets. The date idea is just something she’s dangling to keep you on the hook.  Many top Vegas strip club dancers make their living mainly from regulars who treat them well and whom they spoil in return.

She’s a Hooker

The third possibility is that the dancer is a prostitute who would like you as a customer for sex. From your description, I think this is the least likely possibility because most hookers don’t pretend like they want to have a dinner date, unless they’re very high-end (and expensive) call girls and they have some reason to believe you can afford them. Most Vegas strip club dancers who sell sex outside the club make some kind of straightforward offer and require payment at the start of a date.

In any case, it can’t hurt to call and feel out which it is. Just keep your wits about you if you see one of them outside the club. Don’t carry a huge amount of cash or wear an expensive watch. I doubt these girls are criminals but there are women in Vegas who tempt guys to their hotel rooms or apartments, slip knockout drugs into their drinks, then rob them.

But unless you were flashing a Rolex or loaded wallet, I suspect you’re safe calling either of them and seeing where it goes.

3 Responses to “Dating Vegas Strip Club Dancers”

  1. Jackie

    Ok Arnold, question about becoming a regular customer for a dancer. Had a great time at Palomino this summer. Told hubby I’d take him back next summer for his birthday. We had a blast with one dancer who we’d love to see again and spend time in one of their fantasy rooms with. How is the best way to make sure they are working that night? I plan on buying a package again, do I ask the club when I buy? I know her stage name and her schedule at that time. I should be able to find her on social media to see if she is around that weekend. Is that an ok way to contact her? It’s a way off but I’m in my planning and saving $ stage..Thanks a bunch!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jackie, glad you had a great time.

      Usually Palomino will tell you if a dancer is already in the house but won’t say if they expect her because dancers set their own schedules and can change their minds.

      If you can find her on social media, that’s a fine way to contact her to ask if she’ll be at the club. Dancers on social media want good customers to know.



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