Deja Vu Challenges Feds Over Strip Club Loan Denials

Deja Vu Showgirls Las Vegas Dancer

Tiffany Dances at Deja Vu Showgirls

Deja Vu San Francisco has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 15 of its strip clubs in four states — California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington — because the Small Business Administration excludes businesses that offer “performances of a prurient sexual nature” from the pandemic loan program that all other small businesses are eligible for.

The three Las Vegas Deja Vu affiliated clubs — Deja Vu Showgirls, Little Darlings and Hustler Club —are not parties in this lawsuit, but I’m sure if the 15 clubs suing the feds are successful, all of the strip clubs in the country will benefit, including the best Vegas strip clubs.

The judge gave the strip clubs one week to file an amended complaint with new allegations and gave the feds two weeks to file a written response. She scheduled a tentative hearing for additional oral arguments on Aug. 27.

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  1. Arnold Snyder

    Vital Vegas just posted that Vegas dealers are quitting in large numbers. It’s not worth working because the tips are so bad.

    I had just heard the same thing from a neighbor who is a dealer and just decided to go ahead and retire.

    • 808forever

      Arnold, I feel that most of the dealers quitting worked on the Strip, who are reliant on tourism to stay afloat. With visitation way down due to Bat Plague, there’s not enough people playing there, hence the lack of tips.

      As for my place (Red Rock), I’ve heard of no dealers leaving, and tips remain fairly good. This, to me, is due to our local addict market, made up of mostly retirees. Since they show up practically every day, and have a steady source of income (Social Security?), they can spend whatever they feel like, be it buy-ins or tokes.

      Indeed, I believe that Stations will be the ones to come out of this mess looking the best out of everyone, and it’s the locals they have to thank for it.

      • Arnold Snyder

        808, absolutely right. Huge difference between locals’ joints and the Strip, especially since the Strip treated locals so badly for so long.

  2. Arnold Snyder

    They just cancelled the 2021 AVN convention.

    Was supposed to happen in Vegas Jan. 18-23, 2021.

    Sisolak has no intention of ever reopening this state.

    • 808forever

      Damn that sucks ass.

      I went to this past year’s one and had a good time overall, even managing to meet a couple of my favorite starlets. I really wanted to see them again, but now……..

      We NEED something major to happen to stop this downward spiral, or we’ll be a Fourth World country soon.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Notice just went out to union musicians from the American Federation of Musicians and Employers’ Pension Fund that the pension fund is in “critical and declining status.”

    It’s projected to have a funding deficiency for the next nine years and be insolvent in 2035.

    They are applying to the Treasury Dept. to reduce benefits to retirees.

    And I’m sure their actuaries are assuming that entertainment will reopen soon.

    • 808forever

      Aaron, I spun by there after work Thursday to check if they were. Arrived just past 3:30 am, and found two uniformed doormen outside. Their FB page has also been actively posting for the past few days with “come on through” posts.

      I’m not going inside there anytime soon, given my last experience two weeks ago, so someone else will have to do the deed.

  4. BennyHill

    Yeah those internals are great. This is going to happen all across the country. Enjoy Biden.

    FYI: Where the duck are all these GOP voters going to Carson to “protest”. Bullshit. Too busy making excuses and being afraid of the “law”. Remember they do whatever the fuck they want and you bend over. Masks? Closing down the economy? Riots?

    Fuck all you hypocrites.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Benny, here’s an example of an honest, competent likely voters poll:

      Shows Trump winning not only the national popular vote, but every swing state he won in 2016 plus New Hampshire and Minnesota.

      All of the pollsters who got it right in 2016, like Trafalgar, are saying the same thing. Stop looking at propaganda polls.

      These polls are gold standard. They weight their samples according to 2016 turnout, which has been shown in multiple Harvard and Pew studies to be the single best predictor of turnout in 2020. And I can guarantee you that Trump is doing a few points better than in these honest polls. For one thing, 10% of the turnout at his rallies are people who have never voted before, not because they were too young, but because they saw no reason to vote. The GOP is out-registering new voters 2.5 to 1 over Democrats in swing states.

      By killing the economy with lockdowns and then assaulting cities with 70 days of non-stop riots, Democrats have guaranteed Trump’s reelection.

      As for Sisolak’s vote fraud move, the GOP will sue, and Sisolak will lose. Democrats have lost every single one of these cases so far.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Raiders have announced no fans will be allowed to attend games this year at the new Raiders stadium in Vegas.

    Sisolak’s plan to turn Nevada into one big cattle ranch again right on track.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Sisolak at a news conference today postponed any decision on when to reopen bars. No reason given, but we know what it is.

    This despite Sisolak admitting at the conference that the problem wasn’t really bars or restaurants or casinos, but household transmission.

    We’ve only known this since March.

  7. 808forever

    I’m genuinely surprised that Shittylack hasn’t shut us back down yet. I was feeling like it would’ve been announced today, but nope. I wonder if his marching orders have changed, or if there’s something else preventing him from doing so.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, the lockdowns and riots are destroying Democrats in honest polls with the election only three months away.

      And Congress just failed to come to an agreement on a second Coronabux package. That means Trump is going to pass out bailout money on his own to people (payroll tax holiday, etc.) but likely no bailout to locked down blue state governments.

      So the pressure on Sisolak to end this nonsense has to be high. He’s facing something like a 50% hole in the state budget and has only reduced spending by 1/4 of that.

      But Democrats destroyed themselves in the polls with the ridiculous Ukraine impeachment b.s., and that didn’t stop them.

      I basically expect them to continue to commit political suicide at least through the election. Now they are literally floating a Brookings/Lawrence Tribe plan to use mail-in voting to create election chaos so that the winner of the presidential election isn’t known for years and the Speaker of the House becomes president on January 20.

      So we’re dealing with people who aren’t thinking rationally and they control Sisolak the wife beater and telemarketing fraudster 100%.

      This election has nothing to do with preferred policies. The Democrats have become an organized crime syndicate and the indictments are about to start. I’m reading the diary of a woman who lived in Frankfurt, Germany from 1932 through the end of WWII. The Nazis got vicious not only to Jews but to their own people as it became clear they were going to lose, and that is exactly what I see the Democrats doing now.

      • Davehat

        > winner of the presidential election isn’t known for years & Speaker becomes president<<<

        WRONG. Try reading the Constitution. The electoral college is required to vote by December, even if the popular vote is in dispute. (So selecting the president will be done & over.)

        If the EC cannot produce a majority winner (very unlikely), then the House of Representatives will choose the president (happened twice so far).

        We will have a president (Trump or Biden) and it won’t be the speaker. Presidents are not chosen by popular vote, but by the various institutions (EC, House) of government.

  8. Nunya

    So I am supposed to be there August 16 – chances of Palamino being open? Also, I assume Planet 13 is still open since pot = good, strippers = bad.

    Might wait until September though.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, last I heard cannabis stores are open at 50% capacity.

      Regarding Palomino, just don’t know. The governor admitted in a news conference yesterday that Covid was spreading in the home, not bars and casinos. But he didn’t reopen bars.

      He’s supposed to issue a new directive next week. But even if he reopens bars, it doesn’t mean strip clubs will be allowed to reopen.

      I’d reschedule for Sept, and you might be rescheduling again for next spring.

  9. Chris

    I’m sure this will end eventually just getting there is the hard part. Despite the virus coming from abroad most of our current issues are self-inflicted. I liked Dr Fauci’s testimony last week in front of congress. When asked about whether people should be allowed to protest, he said he had no opinion, but meanwhile he has provided numerous ‘opinions’ about what people should not be doing. For example, you can get arrested if you go to church. So only parts of the 1st Amendment matter I suppose. Meanwhile as of today despite having close to 500K cases of coronavirus in my home state, there are still “-” recovered cases. With the election in November, I have pretty much written off the rest of 2020 before things start getting back to normal and maybe we’ll have a recovered case after the election.

    I want my Vegas back. But I am not returning until the strip clubs and brothels are open without restrictions.

    • 808forever

      Yep, Fauxci sure looked dodgy during his testimony.

      Ever since he “suggested” people start wearing GOGGLES as well as everything else, I no longer trust anything this man says. A YT video on this had a thumbnail that showed a long haired person (a woman perhaps?) wearing a mask and what looked like ski goggles with shiny green lenses. I can’t believe how ridiculous it looked.

      It’s now clear to me that all of this is just to give these bastards something to laugh at. There’s enough sheep that believe Fauxci’s every word, and will wear goggles with no hesitation. They’ll proudly walk down the street believing they’re fully protected, and view those that snicker at them to be fools who don’t bow at the Church of Fauxci Science.

      Very sad, really.

  10. Chris

    I imagine the card counters and criminals are enjoying the mask and goggles requirements. Its no wonder crime is spiking everywhere, because its okay to hide your identity out in public and no one bats an eye at you.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Chris, and the tourists in town right now are the worst players I ever saw.

      Want to split fives to steer an ace? No problem, everyone’s doing it. And a team can take over a table with three people.

      Only drawback is not much money on the tables.

  11. Arnold Snyder

    This morning Gaming Control cited the Sahara for violating Covid-19 requirements.

    This afternoon Sahara staff say the casino has cancelled liquor orders for their bars.

  12. ncpokeresq

    I have relied on your site, but you seriously are getting close to wearing a tinfoil hat. Covid is real, and Moron Don screwed up the response. Those are facts, and no matter how you hard you try to ignore the polls conducted by legitimate sources, Trump deservedly trails in all the reputable available samples.
    You may or may not still be a +EV gambler, but I am willing to wager straight up on the presidential race if you would care to do so. In other words, are you willing to put your money where your irrational rant is at?

    • Arnold Snyder

      NCPokerEsq, you are delusional. Further, you owe everyone at this website an apology for your moronic decision to vote Democrat. I hold you personally responsible for the murders and assaults and arsons and endless riots being perpetrated by your Antifa terrorist army.

      You are a Nazi. You support a fascist political party that has unleashed a Sturmabteilung on us. You support the use of violence and lies and hoaxes to maintain the power of an organized crime syndicate so corrupt you can’t win an honest election.

      Meanwhile, there will be no Coronabux to bail out blue states like yours, which are facing tax revenue shortfalls of 29-49%. Your political party is not only going to lose the presidential election, you are going to be driven into electoral extinction.

      Covid has 1/10th the death rate of the flu, masks neither stop nor reduce transmission of Covid, and Democrats are destroying the economy because they thought that might work to get your Alzheimer’s case Biden into office.

      Unfortunately for you, 58% of likely voters realize that Biden has dementia and is a puppet of someone else, and won’t be voting for him.

      You obviously know nothing about good polling standards or you wouldn’t continue to believe the fake news rigged polls that lied to you so badly in 2016.

      Here is an honest, competent poll:

      It is confirmed by every pollster that got 2016 right, including Trafalgar.

      Trump is winning every swing state he won in 2016, only by more points. He is also winning New Hampshire and Minnesota.

      He is also winning the national popular vote.

      And Republicans are out-registering Democrats in swing states by 3 to 1.

      Go away. Post any more and I’ll simply delete you. Your views are of no value to me or anyone else.

    • Aaron

      I dont know ncpokeresq, i think the president did about as good as anyone would have during the response. Sure NY and NJ shit the bed and screwed up our average, but the rest of the country did pretty good. I have no idea what is going to happen in November, and i kinda think no one else really does either. Right now what i do know is NV and the rest of the country needs to reopen and get back to business. I just spent a long weekend in Branson instead because vegas sucks right now. I had my flight and hotels booked for a vegas vacation with the boys but canceled because nothing is open there. Instead i took my little girl to Branson.I enjoyed live entertainment, music, fireworks, and a themepark for 4 glorious days. Sure there aren’t any strippers there but its not that kind of destination. Vegas and Sissolak are leaving money on the table and will continue to lose market share of folks tourism $$$ until they wake up.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Aaron, actually it’s very clear what’s going to happen in November.

        Honest, competent polls (and I’ve read every study on polling, so I know which ones those are) make it very clear that voters are fed up with the Democrats’ lockdowns, riots, and totalitarianism.

        71% of Trump supporters are literally afraid to tell anyone they are going to vote for Trump because they are afraid of Democrat violence.

        As far as the future of Vegas, I doubt it will ever get back to what it was. Right now, Sisolak is going out of his way to destroy every small business in the city and even casinos are going under. Trop is up for sale, Sahara has cancelled future liquor orders. And the most important convention of the year, CES, is cancelled. The Sands lost a billion dollars in the second quarter. Nobody is making any money right now, and there’s no end in sight.

        National Finals Rodeo will probably move to Orlando as they’ve been threatening to do for years and will never come back. The entire U.S. economy is being rerouted away from entertainment and neofeudalism back to a productive, industrial economy.

        Probably half the strip clubs in Vegas will go under. The dancers are already all moving away. You have no idea how hard it is for most of the Vegas clubs to get even third-rate dancers. I fully expect to shut down this website soon. I’m just waiting a bit longer in case there’s something important to say about what’s about to come down.

        Like Newsom in California, Sisolak is intentionally aiming at long-term destruction.

        I don’t believe the civil war that’s going on will be completely resolved by the November election. The Democrats will be doomed, but that will increase their violent threshing around.

        I’m reading the diary of a German woman, half Jewish, who lived in Frankfurt, Germany from 1932 through the end of WWII. It was only when it became clear in late 1944 that Germany would lose, that the Nazis reached peak viciousness.

        I keep saying that the Democrats are not a normal political party but an organized crime syndicate and people seem unable to take that in. But it’s true. Just yesterday the FBI raided the Miami and Cleveland offices of the Ukrainian oligarch who laundered the $40 billion in foreign aid Joe Biden colluded with Porochenko to steal.

        It makes me laugh when an idiot like NCpokeresq thinks Biden will win, when Biden is about to be indicted for stealing 100s of billions of dollars in foreign aid and passing it out to himself and the rest of the Democrat leadership.

        There is a lot of shocking news coming soon.

        • Nunya

          What kind of a moron would intentionally want to shut down places like Sapphire and Palomino? It’s like shutting down Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for adults. We are now living in Seinfeld’s Bizarro World.

    • Davehat

      >Trump deservedly trails in all the reputable available samples

      He also trailed in 2016 with an “obvious” win for Hillary. He should have been crushed. I thought we’d have our first woman president, but no, the polls were wrong.

      Probably wrong now too.

  13. Arnold Snyder

    Blue state and city tax revenues have collapsed:

    Democrats thought they were going to get $1 trillion in Bat Plague bailouts to make up the shortfall from their lockdowns, but no deal. Instead, Trump is going to use an EO to pass out more Coronabux directly to voters.

    Sisolak has a $2 billion tax shortfall and has only cut $500 million in spending because he was counting on his bailout.

    This is starting to get fun.

  14. Davehat

    > cited on June 16 of people standing too close to a slot machine, craps table and blackjack table while watching other patrons play<<<

    THAT is old news and also ridiculous. Casinos cannot control people who are just wandering around & watching.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Well, Davehat, the CDC just issued a citation or whatever it was yesterday. I read it.

      And they directed that nonsense at a casino they already know is on the verge of bankruptcy.

      In my opinion, Sisolak is deliberately helping to take down smaller casinos one by one in favor of the ones who’ve collaborated with the Democrat organized crime syndicate.

      Vegas never stopped being run by gangsters.

  15. Arnold Snyder

    Anyone still a Democrat at this point is, in my view, a Nazi.

    You are a supporter of a political party that uses a violent terrorist organization to suppress freedom of speech and assembly of political opponents. You are a supporter of a political party that dehumanizes political opponents.

    You are a supporter of a political party that seeks to get political opponents fired from their jobs and barred from their professions. You are a supporter of a political party that not only seeks to deplatform political opponents, but to bar them from the U.S. banking system.

    You are a supporter of a political party that not only engages in trillion dollar corruption but in flat-out treason. You support a party that has not only destroyed our economy but has sought to overthrow our election and even our system of government with a series of major hoaxes and Big Lies.

    And you can’t claim ignorance at this point, as this has been going on for four straight years.

    I am calling you out and everyone with a conscience should be calling you out.

  16. 808forever

    Shittylack just declared RACISM a “public health crisis”.

    The LG of my home state of 808 announced that gubna Ige will order another 30 day lockdown soon. My streak of going home at least once a year is in serious jeopardy now.

    Something’s gotta give here.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, it’s going to continue until voters kick these people out of office.

      There is no racial division in Nevada, so Sisolak is desperately trying to create it.

  17. Arnold Snyder

    Caesars Ent will be laying off hundreds from their corporate office next week. Most departments have mandated cuts (either in head count or budget) with a goal of $100 million in savings.

  18. Arnold Snyder

    I don’t know if you noticed the FBI raids on the offices of Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in Miami and Cleveland a couple days ago.

    Journalist Adam Housley is reporting this morning that the raids were related to money laundering.

    Kolomoisky owned PrivatBank in Ukraine. That is the bank that was used to launder the $40 billion in foreign aid that Biden and Porochenko conspired to steal from the country. The oligarch was also involved in Burisma, as PrivatBank was Burisma’s largest shareholder.

    The offices were raided as part of the laundering specifically of billions in stolen U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine. Biden stole billions of dollars from the U.S. government by laundering it through Ukraine as foreign aid.

    I’m going to tell you that the Ukraine stolen aid is just the tip of the iceberg. The foreign aid of many distressed small countries was stolen by the Democrats and some Republicans, like Mitt Romney.

    There are also Department of Defense warehouses that are supposed to be full of expensive high-tech gear, but are completely empty. Do you remember that DoD audit Trump ordered? I know of one warehouse that is missing $100 billion worth of gear all by itself, and the money went to accounts in England. The Democrats were involved in that theft as well.

  19. Arnold Snyder

    I also hope you all saw the George Floyd arrest footage that Democrats (through Keith Ellison) had previously hidden.

    It shows Floyd saying over and over that he couldn’t breathe long before he was on the ground. He demanded to be put on the ground. Cops immediately called an ambulance for him.

    Floyd wasn’t killed by the cops. They were trying to be kind to him throughout his death by fentanyl/meth overdose. They used a legal restraint on him and the medical examiner said Floyd did not die of asphyxiation.

    But Democrats hid it all to start race riots that resulted in the murder of 17 (16 of the victims black) and the burning down of black neighborhoods. Since the first riots, unchecked violence in Democrat-run cities has resulted in the shootings of hundreds of black people, many of them young children.

    Goebbels would be proud of you, Democrats.

  20. Lana’i no last oi

    Aloha Arnold. I have a suggestion for your next article. I am from a tiny island so I don’t know the vibe across the U.S, but it is obvious to me that cities across America are experiencing riots. It amazes me that the media and the libs here are denying that these are riots. Don’t believe your eyes, believe what we tell you

    • Arnold Snyder

      You’re 100% right, Lana’i no last oi.

      There have been riots in Portland, for example, for 71 straight nights in a row.

      And crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities are soaring. The number of murders in Chicago and New York has already passed 2019 levels with five more months to go in the year.

      Armed robbery is up 300% on the Upper East Side of NYC.

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  21. Arnold Snyder

    Friends have been receiving buy one get one free promotion flyers from Wynn in the mail.

    You can literally get a free night if you pay for one night.

    Never thought I’d see this from Wynn.

    It’s not just the Sahara and Trop that are in trouble.

  22. Cancon

    Arnold, With all due respect, you’ve gone from a genius poker player and author, to a master in all things topless and naked, to sounding like a PhD in right wing conspiracy theories and anti-democratic quasi socialist behavioural psychology and anti government sociology. Is this really still you or have you sub-contracted your website to Junior Trumps (with IQs) of America. I know you went to two years of university but your writing abilities have always appeared to be much beyond that experience. I want so much to be back in Vegas following your advice on where to cop the best feel but I really miss the pure titty guy. Get rid of the Tucker and Sean wannabees and just take a break until 2021. Where is the authentic Arnold Snyder, cards and boobs and a few stiff drinks?

  23. Arnold Snyder

    Here’s the DOJ seizing real estate bought with money laundered through PrivatBank:

    I’ve already linked to info that showed PrivatBank was where Joe Biden and Porochenko laundered a chunk of the $40 billion in foreign aid they stole from Ukraine.

    The Miami and Cleveland offices of the Ukrainian oligarch owner of PrivatBank were raided a few days ago. This is the DOJ seizing assets based on evidence from those raids.

    PrivatBank was also the largest shareholder of Burisma, which paid Hunter Biden those millions of dollars. Burisma was the center of corruption in Ukraine and many Democrats plus Mitt Romney were involved in it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      It’s not an accident that Trump gave a speech at a washing machine company in Cleveland yesterday.

      He was taunting the Democrats and Deep State that have been stealing U.S. foreign aid and laundering it into Cleveland real estate (as well as other assets).

      He knew very well this real estate in Cleveland would be seized today.

      After the Cleveland speech, Trump announced we would not be seeing him for a while, and he talked about the rich enemies who wanted to stop him. But he said he was going to carry on because nobody else would stop these criminals. He’s under protection somewhere today. The entire White House staff was photographed outside the WH yesterday, saying farewell to him before he departed for Cleveland.

      Three people with a loaded AK illegally invaded Mar-a-Lago this week.

      Trump has done a series of EOs expanding asset forfeiture for the past three years, preparing for this moment. Assets can be seized for corruption, child trafficking, drug trafficking, selling national security secrets and more.

      Money laundered through PrivatBank has been used to buy up half the real estate in downtown Cleveland.

      Remember when Democrats were mocking Rudy Giuliani’s investigations in Ukraine? They didn’t believe Trump and Giuliani would really pull the pin out of the grenade on their corruption, but Trump just did.

      And this isn’t even the October surprise yet.

  24. Bill

    My biggest concern is trump exposing this will not matter cause if you talk to democrats there is no rationing with them, anyone with an reasoning capability has left.



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