Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana – A Full Service Gentlemen’s Club

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Déjà Vu Tijuana Combines the Best of an American-Style & Tijuana-Style Strip Club Experience

by David “El Gringo” Paster

All photos by Giovany Simiano
(All Proprietary Image Rights Owned and Reserved by Déjà Vu Tijuana)

Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana BC

Déjà Vu Showgirls in Tijuana’s Cultural Heart

Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana is the perfect erotic getaway for guys looking for an alternative to the SoCal strip club scene, with its nanny-state laws and SoCal prices.

The club combines the best of an American-style and Tijuana-style strip club experience. It’s located in the safe and high-end Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—the city’s cultural heart, just minutes from the border in one of the club’s free limos.

The club features an outstanding American-style fully-nude stage show, on a 3-pole stage large enough for the excellent pole dancers to show their moves.

And if you’ve ever wished for a sweet and slow Tijuana-style girl friend experience that started with drinks and flirtation and ended up with you spending the night with the girl, you can have that at Deja Vu Tijuana too.  The club features 62 luxury private bedrooms in its Spa—real bedrooms furnished with real full-sized beds and bed linens, all for less than the price of 30 minutes in the group VIP at home.

Unlike many of the entertainers in Tijuana’s notorious red light district (the Zona Norte), not only are the dancers gorgeous, but all dancers at Deja Vu Tijuana get weekly medical check-ups and are only allowed to work in the club with a clean bill of health.

The club admits guests age 18+ even though there’s a full bar (you only have to be 18 to drink in Tijuana).

For more information about the club, including how to get there and details on the easy border crossing, read on below. 

The Easy Way to Get to Deja Vu Tijuana

What to Bring:

As a United States citizen, you need either a traditional passport book or passport card to enter Mexico by foot via the San Ysidro-Tijuana pedestrian crossing.  You’ll be required to fill out a form at the border with your personal information and intended destination and length of stay.  If you’re planning to stay more than a week, you’ll be required to pay a fee of roughly US$20; for a shorter stay, there is no fee.

You need a passport or enhanced driver’s license for the return to the U.S. later.  A Trusted Traveler Card / Global Entry Pass can speed up your border crossing on your return.

You will need some dinero. A lot of things are inexpensive in Mexico, but they are not sin costo (free). At the time of this writing, the exchange rate for pesos was about a nickel (5⊄) per peso, or 20 pesos to the U.S. dollar.

You don’t actually need to exchange your U.S. money for pesos—both good old greenbacks and Mexican pesos will be accepted in Tijuana, but there are some additional savings possible using the Mexican domestic currency.

Crossing on Foot—What to Expect, Where to Park

The simplest, fastest way to get to Tijuana is on foot via the PedWest pedestrian crossing, at the east side of the Las Americas outlet mall where Virginia Avenue dead-ends at the border.  You’ll see signs for protected border station parking. In March 2017, the rates were $8 Monday through Thursday, $25 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tijuana is a comfortable one-block walk from the exit of this lot.  Once you’ve crossed the border line, you’ll see red/green light stands.  Push the button at one.  You will almost always get an immediate green that allows you to continue on your way; if the light shows red, authorities may search your bags.

You’ll also see a lot of taxis waiting.  To grab a cab, offer $5.00 (but no more) for the ride to the Pueblo Amigo complex (the club address is Vía Oriente 9211).  Note that establishments in the Red Light District pay cabbies a bribe for bringing customers, so do not let him divert you!

The club is also an easy walk if you know where you’re going (less than a mile).

The Pueblo Amigo Compex

Tijuana BC Mexico

Deja Vu Showgirls is Located Minutes from the Border in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—The City’s Cultural Heart

Deja Vu Showgirls is located in the Pueblo Amigo complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—the city’s cultural heart. The club exterior resembles a Mayan temple—you can’t miss it.

The complex also includes the highly-rated Pueblo Amigo hotel, gourmet restaurants and torta stands featuring freshly-prepared guacamole, a full-service casino called The Caliente, a sports book, and an independent barber shop that features old-fashioned, hot-towel-prepped, straight razor shaves for roughly $5.

In addition, two adjacent and competing Farmicias in the complex sell pharmaceuticals, mostly without prescriptions, for unbelievably low prices.

The entire complex is protected by 24/7 security, ensuring your safety if you want to venture out from Deja Vu Showgirls during your stay in Tijuana.

Ask one of the Deja Vu VIP hosts for further restaurant and entertainment recommendations.  He’ll be happy to help.

The Red Light District (Zona Norte)

Tijuana has a notorious red light district (the Zona Norte) known for live sex shows, strip clubs, brothels, bars and streetwalkers for every sexual taste.  That’s because prostitution is legal in Tijuana and—unlike in Nevada—prostitutes are not required to work in brothels.

In theory, Tijuana prostitutes must be licensed and get regular checkups for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). But busts of streetwalkers are common for being non-licensed or having expired medical documents. Enforcement is not strict.

The women pictured above are not school girls but some of the freelance streetwalkers who loiter in front of adult entertainment establishments in the Zona Norte.


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The Red Light District is also known for drug trafficking and theft.  There are always a lot of tourists in the area, but it pays to be aware of your surroundings if you venture out of the Pueblo Amigo complex to the Red Light District.

A Tour of Déjà Vu Showgirls Tijuana

Deja Vu Tijuana is 100,000 square feet of pure hedonic entertainment space, larger than even Sapphire Las Vegas.

The main stage, with its three stripper poles, is also equipped with shower heads for the club’s famous midnight wet shows.

Plus there are five other stages throughout the club, three bars, and a collection of 15 second-story VIP rooms, called Skyboxes, with views of the entire scene below.  Bottle service is available and one of the Tijuana club’s great deals.

The More Private VIP Environment

The “Pink Mile” leads to the second floor, ultra-discreet, themed VIP private bedrooms, in an area called the Spa, perfect for an extended girlfriend experience.

The club’s 62 private bedrooms are furnished with a comfortable full-sized bed and luxury bed linens and are available by the half hour, hour, or the full night at $25 for 30 minutes, $40 an hour, or $200 for overnight.

A top-of-the-line in-house surveillance system ensures customers’ safety.

The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100.  Prices are posted prominently on the entrance to the club’s Spa.

There are also spa rooms furnished with jacuzzis and showers and specialty rooms, like the club’s dungeon.

A top-of-the-line in-house security system ensures all guests’ safety.

U.S. Dollars and Pesos are Both Accepted

Deja Vu Tijuana accepts both U.S. dollars and pesos for all services and tips.  Female patrons and couples are welcome at all times, including during the various live shows, and in all areas of the club, including the Spa.

There is no cover or admission fee before 8 pm.  There is a $5 cover after 8 pm, but you get a free shot for that.

All drinks are half price every day before 8 pm.  All domestics are $1 all day and night on Mondays.  All domestics and wells are $2 on Tuesdays.

The club admits guests age 18+ and you only have to be 18 to drink in Tijuana.  The club opens daily at noon.  Food service is available in both the main club showroom and the VIP and Spa rooms.

With a Déjà Vu VIP Card and a passport, Tijuana is yours, amigo!

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55 Responses to “Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana – A Full Service Gentlemen’s Club”

  1. Erik

    Updates on tj:

    Spent Halloween weekend down in tj, fun times, not sure Halloween itself made a huge difference or not, some hot costumes for sure but also tended to make it harder to figure out how attractive some of the girls were or were not, Ie short lap dance with a girl in a grim reaper costume.

    Updates: tropical bar has been upgraded since I last went there. Much better experience probably moves ahead of adelita bar for 3rd on my rankings.

    Hong Kong- for the first time I’ve seen opened up another area their miami club. This place was like everything else at Hong Kong amazing. Usually bookended by 2 girl lesbian shaving cream shows. Previously my one complaint about Hong Kong was ability to get on stage for these shows at night(usually easy enough at 5 or 6) but by 11 it use to be a pain.

    Mermaids message: the one negative, they have upped their price so that it has become a place I can no longer recommend, twice the price of Hong Kong just for a short message and convenient line up of average to sometimes hot girls isn’t worth it.

    • Scott

      Thanks Erik! Love to hear the logistics and thrills of this trip. TVO readers are very curious…..and jealous!

        • Erik

          halloween in tj:

          we will start with some basics of getting there, for those who don’t know:

          I fly into san diego airport, then catch a lyft(or uber) to pedeast, the pedestrian crossing, cross by foot.

          you will need 2 things here:
          1. passport
          2.fmm form(a tourist card) just google this, fill out the form and print and you have it, its free

          a person on youtube i learned alot from says you don’t need these, but i highly recommend them as i once got stuck taking a 100 cab ride in cause they wouldn’t let me cross(cost of doing business i guess)

          anyway from there you have 2 choices, 1 take a cab, my usual choice, make sure its 5-10 dollars to hong kong, anything more is a rip off and go to the next, they are literally lined up at the end of the entrance to mexico like at a las vegas hotel. The other choice is the free shuttle, its suppose to be right across the street somewhere, but ive never found it, and am not fond of wandering around mexico looking lost, so i splurge on the taxi

          If spending the night i recommend a master suite at hotel cascades, associated with hong kong, I like the master suite because it tends to be off in a corner of the hotel so you arent kept up all night by noise, even the jacuzzi suites right below it have this problem. Also consider becoming a hong kong vip, 1 free drink per day and 20% plus off room, do the math for yourself to see if it saves you enough, beer is 4-5 dollars just so you know, the big thing is the room savings. Also i personally recommend sticking with beer for the most part, you don’t want to be too drunk, yes since in mexico i may take a shot of tequila here or there, but only 1. being drunk ups your chances of trouble. buzzed fine, drunk bad.

          as for the the clubs, in zona norte there are 4 you can go to, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT GO TO ANOTHER CLUB IN ZONA NORTE.

          Hong Kong- sort of includes 3 clubs in one, the main hong kong, las chavalas(so yes you can enter here), and miami, all the same girls can wonder through all 3 and they all connect. Hong kong is asian themed, miami take a guess, and las chavalas is a bit cowboy themed and the least crowded area. I just found miami this time if you enter through the front of hong kong its a right go through a small room with a stage and it opens up a much larger room with multiple stages and bar for dancing. Hong Kong has the hottest girls on average, think sapphire las vegas on a saturday nightor since i just met several a week and a half ago many of these girls would give many porn stars a run for their money like hime marie, lexi belle, lacy lennon, and alex coal, and they are busy all hours of the day as they can condese the club to feel packed by closing certain sections, there are 3 floors this place is huge, In total i think there are 3 stages for shaving cream shows, 1 hot tub( not well placed imo),3 other stages, and girls dancing as go go dancers on the numerous bars, its sensory overload more later

          chicago club- if you leave the front entrance to hong kong or hotel cascadas turn right walk to the end of the street turn left and it will be right there. smaller club, maybe about 80% the size of little darlings las vegas.always something going on plenty of girls and dancers.. One of the easiest places to blow dollars on a shaving cream show or hot tub show.girls not as good as hong kong but you won’t complain.

          tropical bar- a sister property of hong kong, also 3 floors, newly upgraded as well. girls are about the same as chicago or a little lower complaint is the main room down stairs only really has one main stage and they didn’t have dancers on the bar so if seated near the entrance no stage show for you. rather then sit there go further in find the stairs in the corner and head up to the 2nd(tiki room) and 3rd floor (hula room) hula room had a shaving cream show going on the one night, and even offered guests to get on stage for some face rides, if you don’t mind being covered in cream lol.

          adelita bar- my least favorite of the big 4, tends to have a slightly larger girl, think columbians or venezualians with breast and butt jobs(yes other clubs have this) i wouldn’t say these girls are bbw persay but more like pornstars sheila or keisha ortega. One main stage and can be fun, with whipped cream shows, but they tend not use their other stage and don’t have a whole lot going on off the main stage.

          types of stage shows:
          shaving cream- girls covered in shaving cceam, often times using dildos on themselves or the other girl, sometimes tribbing, so strap on. singles for tips are good and again feel free to touch and rub them when doing so

          hot tub- see shaving cream but get rid of the cream and put it in a hot tub, chicago is best because the hot tub is circled by chairs, hong kongs is in a corner so very limited on seating.

          regular strip show- this varies, some girls go topless, some go full nude some do dildos, others you think you are at a gogo bar

          bar dancers- mostly at hong kong gogo dancers on the bar, these girls don’t stay up there long and barely get tipped.

          prices for clubs:
          sex- hong kong 100-150 with most being 100, but always have an extra 20 cause some will ask for a tip at the end, other clubs you can probably get for 80 plus a room, which will be about 13-15 dollars to rent for the time. (even if you do another club just bank on hong kong prices, any any savings is a win)
          drinks- beer for you 4-5. for the girl 9 ( a girl drink buys you the girls company for a bit, some will sit there awkwardly, some give lap dances, others give you teasing hand jobs through the pants of course only enough to try to get you upstairs, it depends)
          people to tip: when you go up with a girl tip the guy who gives her the robe a dollar, if they need to bring condoms do the same, tip your servers at least a dollar a round they will love you and take care of you.

          Also tijuana does have dirt cheap street girls, they don’t look bad, but negotiate first, they will quote you 25 for sex then just drop their panties and deadfish on the bed, if you are gonna do it negotiate what you want first, nude, top off, type of sex (yes some charge to change position) also there are call up excorts, a bit more expensive, offer bbbj, anal, this will cost you more, probably between 180-300 total, so not a bad deal, i guess, but i prefer the club girls you see what you are getting and they are mostly into it.

          Finally you can go to deja vu as well its not in zona norte, the girls look good, the club is a bit slower, ive never seen it be the full on party that zona norte is. to some extent you will pay a premium price i believe sex starts at 120 here. beer is the same so thats not bad. if you want to get away and still have a good selection GO HERE, AGAIN DO NOT GO TO A SLOWER CLUB IN ZONA NORTE, they can and will scam you, be safe. Also on some saturdays this place brings in feature dancers like you see in vegas like rubber doll, alexis monroe, and others, if they are at a vegas deja vu they may turn up here.

          the layout is you can walk between the 4 in zona norte hong kong and tropical are at one end of the blockon each side of the street, adelita is to the right about a minute maybe 2 walk down from hong kong on the same side, chicago you go past adelita go to the corner turn left across the street and its gonna be right there, you will have to cross again to the other side of the street ( 3 minute walk from hong kong)

          for deja vu, there is always a cab outside of hong kong so take that, again if over 10 dollars find another.

          Ok the trip itself,

          Hong Kong had its halloween party on wednesday with a costume contest, plenty of porn start level girls walking around in skimpy halloween costumes. I don’t know how much of a difference it made, the costume contest was hard to see as that stage was packed. the costumes stayed around to some extent throughout the week end. club miami was new for me in here, lots of fun and many of the hottest girls seemed to like being in here. This wasn’t open on wednesday for the costume party but seems to be open thurs-sat, one thing i found odd is one of the girls in miami on the shaving cream show was asking 5 dollars to use the dildo on her. Not bad, but hey im just as good watching her dildo herself for free and slapping a dollar on when i want.

          tropical and adelitas had their halloween party thursday night. similar to hong kong in style but because of the layout of adelitas and the stage easier to see the show from anywhere. tropical also had the problem of their main stage is a bit harder to see when its crowded and the entire bar isn’t set upt to see it.

          saturday was the chicago and deja vu halloween parties. i did not make it to deja vu for theirs, but chicago was fun, i think the girls went the most in on costumes here as did their servers. I spent most of my time slapping dollars on the girls in the hot tub, though to be fair the girls doing the hot tub show saturday were not as interactive as some of the other times. They were actually far better on thursday night when i was there, you can put a dollar
          anywhere you want and rub anywhere you want for that dollar. when they are using the dildos they sometimes let you use that for the dollar.

          I mostly went for “sexo” as they call it, in hong kong, a few quick accounts my favorite was a late 20 something in a plaid school girl skirt, nice round ass cheeks coming out from under the skirt, kinda brown to dirty blond hair. Had quite the body on her, probably c cups but natural.good blow job into sex we did doggy and cowgirl. cost me 100 for this one

          another girl i went back with was a blonde with bigger tits, maybe think a bit like porn star bridgette b, but not exactly, i wasn’t a fan of the blow job as much but a decent tit job and finished up in reverse cowgirl.

          a slighlty disappoining experience is this hot little thing i found in the miami club, mayb3 5’0 95-100 lbs, very cute small butt, but she was a bit drunk so the sex ended up suffering a bit i feel, still she was hot so ill take it lol.

          Last experience ill share was at the mermaids massage parlor i use to recommend but after this i can’t really. girl was alright nothing speical, they only had 4 choices. she was good at the massage and the blow job and sex were good, she wasn’t the hottest latino but typrical dark hair and decent enough, but at 180 between massage(40) and 130 her price and 10 dollars for her drink and 5 for mine, put me out 200, and at that value i cant recommend it anymore, not while in tj, elsewhere its a steal.

          if you do decide to go( i highly recommend) safety first.


          1. walk only between the 4 zona norte clubs, taxi or uber lyft elsewhere, there are restaurants at the hotels with the clubs but you might want to go to revolucion for food at points or there is a tgif and ihop i like that i taxi too, 10-20 dollar ride. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES EVER AND I MEAN EVERY, TURN DOWN AN ALLEY WAY, stay on the main streets, besides the smaller street behind hong kong with the street girls, thats somewhere between a street and an alley.

          2. watch your drinks, be aware of your surroundings

          3. tj police are also scammers, make sure you have your id at all times, no i was just running across the street to oxo, the local conveneince store, and don’t carry too much cash.

          4. don’t talk to the people on the streets, other then a street girl if you wish, or a clearly marked club employee. can draw mwamted popo attention

          5. I cross the border with 200 in my wallet, I also have a hidden money belt i use to carry several hundred more i only use this for border crossing then get the money in the safe or hidden well if your safe doesnt work. reason i do this is atm fees are costly with conversion can be near 30 dollars for 200 out, the max you can take at most. money belt 20 dollars, get an extra 800 in there save 120 on atm fees. DO NOT CARRY THIS IN YOUR WALLET.. if a cop stops you and sees that much in your wallet, the probably will find an excuse to fine you a good amount of money, you have little to no recourse. Of note this has never happened to me and isn’t frequent but it has happened, so only a small amount in the wallet ie 200 or so is good.

  2. Bill

    One note for anyone going down, the girls may try to act friendly even get contact info. You can do it which is fine, but be self aware. They are likely going to try to ask you for money. It’s good fun but don’t get conned.

  3. Erik

    Oh one thing people might want to know if planning to cross the border, some agents at the border going into Mexico are asking for an additional form fmm form, easily found and filled out online by googling fmm Mexico, it’s in your best interest to get this just in case it’s free but if you don’t they may turn you back now, which you can still cross by car but that’s gonna cost you taxi across is a ripoff like 100 dollars and it takes a while. Just a heads up to help people out, if they look here.

  4. Erik

    So deja vu tj is now doing something called waxed tube contest, any ideas what this might be, I tried emailing the club, person who responded didn’t seem great at english if I grasped what they were saying it’s like a pole contest but the pole has oil, maybe? Then he went on about maybe needing a yard beer to enter, lol, so let’s just say I’m not a 100% sure what it is but was curious, are you familiar with what this may be?

  5. Erik d

    Threw in a trip down to tj during My Vegas trip.

    Went to Hong Kong
    Chicago club
    Mermaids message.

    Hong Kong details again.

    Loads of beautiful latinas fill this place, Hong Kong can literally compete girl fo girl with sapphire around 12-1 at night on a Friday, with its crew on Wednesday say at 6 or 7 pm.

    Hong Kong has 3 levels to the main club, but they are smart they bleed it open it starts with half the down stairs open, then as it becomes crowded the other half opens up, after that the 2nd floor opens up. Once that is full there is a smaller third floor they open. No stages up there but girls and if on the balcony you can look down on the stage on the 2nd floor, which btw most nights is a shaving cream and dildo lesbian show. I’ve sat up there a few times and watched as the dancers took a girl from the crowd on stage and did varying degrees of activity with her from Simply taking her top off and sucking her nipples to full on muff diving, depends on the night.

    Only downsides to Hong Kong is it can be really crowded and hard to move depending on the night, also stage shows vary greatly from gogo dancing to traditional stripping to fill on whip cream lesbian, on a busy night stage seats are near impossible fo find, solution to that can be to go to the aforementioned third floor and look down on the shaving cream show, or if you want to be closer walk down to Chicago club.

    Prices are as follows:

    Full service 100 , some girls offer vip services that bring it up to 140-160, can be worth it

    Vip dance: 23 dollars, not recommended, I’ve heard some shady stuff from people who know more then me.

    4 dollar beers

    9 dollar girl beers/ drinks these also double as floor level lap dances, this varies from girl fo girl, some give a full lap dance others sit and chat and others sit awkwardly drinking because of language barriers.

    If you don’t have a room expect I think 13 for a room to go up for full service, I had a room so I think it was 13 but no more then 25.

    Also don’t forget to tip your server, also you will be expected to tip a dollar to the guy who gives the robe to your girl. If you don’t have a room a room cleaner may ask for a tip as well and it makes it more likely you may also need to buy a girl Drink on your way up.

    One other element to understand is in America most girls just approach you, in Mexico much of that is done through the table servers they bring girls over to your table. This can be a bit of high pressure, for girl drinks, if you want to avoid this sit at one of the bars till you are ready, you will get approached less.

    Ok Chicago club

    Less to say here, girls are not quite Hong Kong level but still loads of attractive girls. Same beer prices and I usually go here for state seats, they also have a hot tub show, this year was said to leave a three girl hot tub show that was going full lez with diving and dildos. Girls were pretty and very nice despite language barriers. If doing the stage shows here hot tub or shaving cream you can slap dollars anywhere on their body, also so be nice and buy them girl drinks. Cost of doing business for this, same all goes for Hong Kong as well.

    Adelitas is my least favorite of the big three, descent place to run in and have a few drinks, I find they cater more to the bigger ass Latina girl, not as much my thing but still some good looking girls, I’d assume same rules apply as other clubs though I see less speciality shows here though they did a shaving cream show this year.

    Mermaids is across the street next to another club, tropical bar, mermaids is good to go if you don’t want the Hastle of finding a girl in the club, they just line them up.

    40 covers the message, which varies from girl to girl in my experience

    Full service after that 100-120 depends on the girl. Usually some very attractive girls in the line up girl I picked was hot and tiny 4’9-4’10 I’d guess looked a mix of Hispanic and Thais, not sure if she really was.

    Great time in tj again as well

    • Bill

      I’ll add my thoughts, Hong Kong is fat and away number 1. Adding club Miami makes it more accessible for stage shows. They always make it feel happening as they bleed open sections of the club. Just amazing. If you like strip Clubs this is a place that needs to be seen to believe.

      Chicago- smaller club but the setup is nice. They have enough stages that something is going on with hot tubs and foam shows(so does Hong Kong). Girls aren’t as nice as at Hong Kong but if like Hispanic girls you will find plenty to look at. Solid number 2.

      Tropical- the first floor has a stage show, honestly not a big fan of the setup of it as it gets packed around stage and plenty of spots where you can’t really see it and not much going on. With that said if you walk up the stairs to 2nd and 3rd floors you will find less crowded areas with shows including foam shows and multiple girl shows. This has vastly helped the place.

      4. Adelitas this is your pretty standard club a main stage with a couple places for a dancer on the main stage but you won’t be finding much if you aren’t interested in main stage. My least favorite of the 4 I went to. It’s alright to go have a beer and relax and have a less Party atmosphere.

      Some tips, buy the vip pass and if you can afford a master suite at hotel cascadas do it. Much quieter then a regular room. Buy a vip pass it gets a 20 percent discount on room for weekends and more on some weekdays. It sounds expensive at 60 but you get a discount at the restaurant azul. Their breakfast is decent but not the best food but it is edible. You also get a free drink every day at Hong Kong. For reference beer at most is 4 dollars for Dos Equis or Corona I believe. I drink Dos Equis. More options around same price and other drinks for similar pricing.

      Last tip, don’t be afraid to say no to a lady drink, they will ask to buy a drink. They are not 4 like your drink they are 9. Depending on the girl it may be a lap dance included in this and can get hands on but others will just sit there.

  6. Michael Bowick

    I’ve never been to tiajuana can anyone give me advise on a first timer place to stay ,drink and get laid

    • Bill

      For a first timer in Tijuana there is no other option then hotel cascades. It is the hotel attached to Hong Kong club. You can take girls from your room up, if you are looking for cheap 20-30 options you walk out the back door the street walkers are there. But go into Hong Kong. It is amazing. Best strip club I’ve been too including vegas and it isn’t close. Other clubs are within walking distance, Adelitas is a 1 minute walk. Chicago is 2 minutes. Tropical is across the street. You can also check out deja vu which is a 5 minute cab ride, but when you go into Hong Kong it will blow that away to be honest. Blend in down there don’t wear expensive stuff, and go directly between locations and don’t go onto side alleyways and you will be fine. Amazing time

        • Bill

          Yeah, some risk involved but if you just go to hotel cascadas and stay in that general area you should be fine. Just don’t go out roaming around and stay with the main locations, the one I mentioned and drink there as well and don’t leave drink alone. Be aware you are in a foreign country and you will have a good time. If you don’t follow this all bets are off. Obviously could still get unlucky but being smart is half the battle. The clubs want people with money coming in. Hong Kong enforced a metal detector and has security at door and others have security pat downs at the main places. Clubs are awesome, city not great. Even in clubs be aware, don’t be afraid to tell a girl no to a girlie drink they charge vegas drink prices. If you don’t want as much hassle sit at the bar, may still get some but if you are seated the parade will begin with the server bringing girls and asking to buy drinks

          • Scott

            Good advice Bill.

            Also…. trust DejaVu Tijuana. Ask for Ryan, the “American.” He’s a very senior manager with corporate DJV…. and he’s a solid guy.


            Senor Ryan!

    • Erik d

      I’m with bill on hotel cascadas is the choice to me. Hong Kong club is amazing, your jaw will drop. Cascadas also has a small sports bar attached if you wanna get away from the action for a drink. I’d also recommend probably getting a slight upgrade like the master suite there. If you aren’t walking between cascadas, Hong Kong, Chicago, Adelitas, or tropical take a cab, do not walk places you don’t know and if you look American like me pay attention if tjpd is near the area you are walking and go the other way, they are actually your biggest threat as they may shake you down. Don’t go to any strip clubs besides deja vu, Hong Kong, Chicago,adelitas or tropical, they will try to scam you. Even at these places there are some things that feel a bit scammy the price of doing business in a magical place lol

  7. Erik d

    Just got back from a third trip to tj, tried deja vu again, girls weren’t bad, place was a little busier, but I would emphasize it felt depressing and down when compared to the big 3 in zona Norte: Hong Kong, Adelita, and Chicago. Only thing deja vu has is it’s the most laid back from a pressure stand point, almost too much imo, if you want laid back go to Chicago club, withstand the initial barrage of 3 or 4 girls coming up early and you are home free, they will come up at a more regular pace and you have more to do, hot tub shows, whip cream shows, all including toys. People say it’s not safe but it can be if you know what you are doing, if you stay between the big 3 or across the street you will be fine biggest threat is the actual police they can scam you so I avoid crossing paths with them, which is easy if you are just going between the big 3 as you can see what’s coming up from each one and they won’t mess with you in front of the clubs

  8. Erik d

    Tijuana Tijuana Tijuana… oh my what a trip. It was sometime between 3-4 on Thursday afternoon iqn Hong Kong club, place is relatively full and packed with 7-9s(I don’t give 10s) when I knew I had a new heavyweight champion of strip clubs, this was a brutal ko to all others. I’m approached by a 9 blond Spanish girl wearing a hot yellow mini dress and asked if I wanted to go up stairs, I agreed but then she asked if the other hot blond in a similar mini dress could join I said sure, they claimed to be sisters, who knows they kinda looked in the sense that smoking hot blonf Latina girls look. Went up to my room and had a 3 some, full service as with any of these places. That is life changing.

    So yeah Hong Kong club was absolutely amazing, let’s get to the good and then I’ll touch my negatives(they aren’t that bad but I want to mention them). Hong Kong from the moment they open at 8 am will have business and hot girls dancing and ready for some “sexo”. At night the club gets even busier but they gradually open up areas for more people to enter. There are 2 distinct areas on the first floor, and second floor which isn’t as big as the first and finally a third floor with no stages but when this is open it over looks the lesbian soap shaving cream or whatever they happen to be rubbing on each other in between scissoring each other, using dildos and having a good time in general. One night a girl not working there bit off more then she could chew ending up down to her thong and the girls on stage were trying to get that off before she had enough, she was into it till then. This place is epic girls everywhere and most are hot, my first girl I went up stairs with had a big ass ala porn star Lela Star and about a 8 for the face, this was 1030 am mind you, ok well onto the slight negatives, it can get crowded at night so getting near a stage can be difficult if that’s your thing. The other negative is it is a bit pushy and you can blow a lot of money on drinks for girls, rule of thumb to follow is don’t buy a drink for a girl if you have no intention of going upstairs with her, it’s 9 dollars for the same beer you would drink for 4. Also if your not careful a waiter will mistake something as a yes to buy another for her and you are now out 20 with tip. Another thing to be aware of is little things like when you go up stairs you have to tip the guy for giving the girl a robe, they will sometimes have a guy follow you to buy drinks for the girl, 10 dollars among other things so have some extra available, still an incredible deal.

    Prices at Hong Kong:
    Full service: 100
    Some offered vip for 140, more girlfriend experience
    If you don’t have a room you pay 21 for a room as well.

    Note my 3 some was 280, twice the vip in case you wondered.

    Second best club Chicago club: mostly 7-8 with some 9s sprinkled In but not as many as Hong Kong. This is the place to go if you want to get near a stage, or a jacuzzi and slap dollars on their ass and tits as much like Hong Kong lick, scissor and dildo each other. Also did not have as much pressure to buy girls drinks but perhaps because I spent much of my time putting singles on the girls in the jacuzzi. I didn’t go upstairs with any of the girls here, but my understanding was 100-120 would get it done.

    Adilitas bar was the next best one, again hot girls similar in scale to Chicago but they didn’t have as much going on on stage. They have a shower stage but it wasn’t in use.

    Deja vu- this was a bit of a disappointment for me. First time we went it was dead so we went back to Zona Norte. We came back later that night and it was busier but still nothing special, at first we thought a cool laid back spot if you want to get up and watch a stage show, but then we went to Chicago and that hurt that, though this is more laid back then Chicago even. Would give this one last try around 11 on Saturday, it wasn’t that packed and there simply were not enough girls. Regretted leaving chicago club to try this but hey it’s a 5 minute, 7 dollar cab ride and you are back so not a big deal.

    Next up is tropical bar, lesser girls there the night we went and the 9 dollar drink for a girl scam was put in overdrive. Also none of the girls there spoke English so it made it more awkward at least that we met.

    A few notes street girls are readily available for around 50-60 dollars for full service.

    There is a message parlor there called mermaids , 40 for the message, 120 for full service. Girls were good looking and my massage wasn’t too bad for this type of place actually felt less tense after.

    I’ve heard a lot about Zona Norte being unsafe which it may be but we had zero problems. Hong Kong and adelita are a stone throw away on the same block, tropical bar right across the street and mermaids right next door. Chicago club is just around a corner and an easy walk and to be fair right after adelitas they have guys there to walk you to the club, adding a layer of security.

    Also they have escorts with more services expect 120-170 for them depending on what you want.

    Overall excellent experience, may not look at strip clubs quite the same for the value, not saying I won’t go but damn.

  9. Bill

    Just got back yesterday, here is my review.

    I will go over the clubs from best to worst that I went to.

    1. Hong Kong- place is huge, tons of hot girls very vegas quality club and Vegas quality girls. The place is busy pretty much all day when I was there Thursday at 10 it wasn’t all open but it was big enough and plenty of girls and people in the club. Very party like atmosphere. Stage shows at night include shaving cream with dildos and even brought a girl from the crowd. High contact place obviously. The club is amazing and worth the visit on its own. Downside is they are very pushy, the girl sits down and your server quickly follows asking if you want to buy the girl a 10 dollar drink. If you do plenty of full contact lap dance out there so if you want a lap dance it is fine but if not decline the girl will leave. Found the servers a bit pushy but that is all the places. Overall best strip club and seems like all girls charge 100 to go to room but when you get up there expect a guy to follow you to try to hawk more girl drinks. They drink fast not sure how cause most drink Tecate out of bottle so would be strange to water down. One of the great unknowns lol.

    2. Chicago club- this place is awesome as well not as many girls but many good looking to hot and has a hot tub show in center with dildo show. Same concept with the lady drinks but not as pushy. Club is decent size and if you are looking for Less party and more low key club this is the one. Say girls at Hong Kong are better but you definitely should be able to find many you like. Right there with Vegas clubs, it is mainly evening to night, not busy at all during day.

    Adelitas- more like Hong Kong but everything to lesser extent. Not the same stage shows more standard fair but a more upbeat party type place that is crowded. Girls are good but not Hong Kong level. So got the feeling I’d rather be there. Truth be told it would be good on its own as plenty of hot girls and obviously can go upstairs.

    4. Deja vu- this place was ok i went on friday at 8 and Saturday around 10 and honestly not many people, slow with much fewer girls. Not as pushy and still attractive girls. Just feel like for laid back Chicago is a better option imo.

    5. Tropical- this place is Hong Kong’s sister club, right across the street, but it isn’t nearly as good. It is the b team in terms of girls and the push to buy drinks is nonstop. The girls I got were not trying to interact once they knew Spanish was limited. Would give it another shot but not impressed.

    Other notes- if you stay at Hong Kong sleeping may be rough, I had people screaming and it seems like the noise really goes through the walls. It saves money on bringing girls up if you stay at the place cause they charge for the room if you don’t have one. Plenty of girls on street, it is mainly behind Hong Kong that i saw it. There are massage parlors and the girls look good at the one I checked out even had a small bar inside. I didn’t have anything too bad happen but shuttle people run a scam I got caught on where they claim they run a bus across the border and take you up the line and get you to a guy near a bus then he says go when they are letting people across so basically charge you to cut in line. Lots of upsell and nickel and dining, but with the quality of girls especially if you like Hispanic girls it is worth while to visit as long as you know how to say no firmly. One thing is if you are going and only looking for strip club it probably isn’t for you but if you go knowing the deal it delivers especially Hong Kong.

  10. Daran


    Sure miss this website being the go to place for adult night life activity on my frequent trips to Vegas. I realize the city shutdown, but there is still some adult activity going on, just tougher to find. Seems like ever since you went down that crazy Qanon rabbit hole, this site no longer gets updated more than once every couple of weeks. The casino shows section hasn’t been updated in years. Hope it turns back into a priority for you……oh and yeah, Biden is actually the President. Cheers.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Daran: I’m not reporting much because mostly it’s a locals’ scene as far as the clubs and shows go. The Vegas strip clubs are not Vegas strip clubs. There is no lap dancing. There are no hot babes approaching customers and asking them if they want a dance. They’re all wearing masks. They don’t get topless or nude on stage. There are no seats close to the stage. I’m not reporting much because I don’t want to encourage out-of-taowners to come here. Not now. Anyone who knows what Vegas has been in the past will be massively disappointed. The only casino shows I report on are the shows with topless babes. There are none right now.

  11. Ross

    Mexico is great. Don’t be put off by the attitude of the “hispanics” up here who hate white people. When they were in Mexico they were very nice people, but when they get to the US, they become totally radicalized by the woke anti-white racism that is prevalent everywhere here these days.

    I live in San Antonio and have been going down to Nuevo Laredo/Monterrey every 2 or 3 weeks for the past 15 years or more. I survived the cartel wars, and let me tell you, things are changing fast now. The Zetas totally ruined boystown in Nuevo Laredo years ago to the point where it almost disappeared from the face of the earth. Papagayos, which was probably the best bar in the whole WORLD(people flew in from Miami and LA just to go there) was left in ruins over 10 years ago, as were most of the other bars in boystown. Now, however, the successors to the Zetas, the Cartel del Noreste, realizing the mistake that the Zetas made, are helping to revamp boystown, and new bars are springing up and new girls are arriving every day.

    This is how it works: there are what we call “door girls” who work out of little rooms facing the street, and charge 150-200 pesos for a quickie. Then there are girls who work in the bars and take the customers to rooms in the back of the bar and charge a little more, and they can usually be had for 800-1000 pesos for an all-nighter or 200-300 pesos for a quickie. Then there are some high end bars/strip joints, which I don’t go to because I am a cheapskate, where the girls charge a lot more and aren’t really worth it in my opinion. The door girls and bar girls are good enough for me, and once you get to know them, anything goes: bbbj, cim, anal, rimming–August Ames porn star stuff and it’s cheap!

    However, if you like the high end expensive places, here is a good one:

    And don’t worry about wearing a mask in boystown, hardly anybody does, although most people in the city do wear one.

  12. Erik d

    The plan is to try this and some of the other clubs in Zona Norte next week, will try to give a bit of a report back afterwards

  13. Bill

    Going down next week, will give my opinion when back, checking out several places including deja vu, staying at Hong Kong’s hotel and Adelitas.

  14. ray

    how much do girls charge for overnight companionship? Or like a 4 hour companionship at personal hotel room?

  15. Bill

    So part of me is tempted by this if vegas isn’t open. Although it is worrisome. Is the ref light district good in the daytime and clubs like Hong Kong open since you say it is not really safe at night. Seems like it would be better at night? In the deja vu section do they have girls as well at night or is it strictly red light district?

  16. Robert

    Is it better to take cash with you or is an ATM there and not going to charge you a high service fee?

  17. John

    What is the minimum the girls would charge? We know the max but what is the minimum?

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, the going rate for a 2-song private dance was roughly $20. The girls will sit in your lap and make out with you on the main floor for free.

  18. DocJim

    The redlight district in TJ is far superior to whatever is going on at Deja Vu. The Hong Kong Club blows that place out of the water and Chicago Club is running a close second. The great thing about the redlight district in TJ is if you don’t see anyone you like in one bar (unlikely given that HK usually has upwards of 100 chicas on the floor at any given moment) you can walk out the door and within 20 feet be inside another club with even more women!

    Hong Kong, Chicago, and Adelita all have limos/shuttles that run back and forth from both PedWest and Ped East. Hong Kong has at least four running most all times of every day and night.

    Those of us who live here or come to TJ regularly all avoid Deja Vu because of its isolated location, tiny lineup of women, and rip-off pricing at the door. Hong Kong is the only club that has a cover in the redlight district ($7) and it’s only on busy nights, plus it gets you a “free” beer at the door. The rest of the clubs don’t charge a door fee, nor is there a drink minimum.

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Rick, yes, there are traditional lap dances on the club floor. Correct, the $40 an hour fee is for the pink mile room. But the girl’s max price is supposed to be $100. Obviously, the club may not know about extra payments in the room.

  20. Rick

    Thanks. I just read the first 10 or so reviews of Pueblo Amigo. A lot were not great. Check out at:
    Is it easy to uber out at the border. Maybe I’ll stay on the usa side. I forgot about the bad water

    • Arnold Snyder

      All in all the reviews were pretty good. If you get a room with a problem, just immediately ask for another room.

      Don’t know about Uber, but a cab is just a few dollars.

  21. Rock

    Surely the Zona Norte ‘red light’ District in Tijuana is Not a safe place for an America man after dark…especially alone…..correct ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rock, I’m not sure about the Zona Norte. I know Americans go there after dark, but I was alone and didn’t want to risk it.

      But the Deja Vu club is in the Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro. It’s basically a self-contained plaza with a casino, a good hotel, good restaurants, the club, bars, etc. That felt safe to me after dark.

      • Rick

        Is Pueblo Amigo Hotel the only hotel in Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro? If so, are there any other bordering hotels that are safe to go to after leaving the deja vu club

        • Arnold Snyder

          Rick, there are more hotels there. Check it out here.

          I stayed at Pueblo Amigo based on the recommendation of a friend for cleanliness, good security, and competent, courteous staff for the price. As you get cheaper, you tend to run into either less cleanliness or less security or broken TVs, hot water that doesn’t work, etc. But there are some bargains on that page that may be worth it.

  22. rick

    is there a lineup list of girls at this club?
    have you stayed at any hotels in Tijuana’s Zona Centro

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, no line-up list that I’m aware of. I’ve stayed at the Pueblo Amigo Hotel. Clean, modern, large rooms. Courteous staff. Good soundproofing. There’s a casino and a bar. Hardest mattress I’ve ever slept on.

      I’d stay again, but if you’re used to a pillow-top mattress, I’d bring some kind of mattress pad.

  23. rick

    also would you know if the train out of San Diego goes all the way to the border crossing

  24. rick

    hi great site and very helpfull. Above you say “The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100”. the $100 max ois for what amount of time?
    Also may stop my Nevada on the way back. Do you know what the dual massage with happy ending bl costs at Sherri’s ranch these days?
    thanks a lot

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, the cost of a massage with a happy ending at Sheri’s depends on when you go, how long of a massage you want, and the girl you choose. On a weekday afternoon it may cost as little as $300.

      The rooms at Deja Vu Tijuana are available by the half hour, hour, or the full night at $25 for 30 minutes, $40 an hour, or $200 for overnight.

      The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100. It’s up to each girl how much time you’ll get for that.



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