Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana – A Full Service Gentlemen’s Club

Déjà Vu Tijuana Combines the Best of an American-Style & Tijuana-Style Strip Club Experience

by David “El Gringo” Paster

All photos by Giovany Simiano
(All Proprietary Image Rights Owned and Reserved by Déjà Vu Tijuana)

Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana BC

Déjà Vu Showgirls in Tijuana’s Cultural Heart

Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana is the perfect erotic getaway for guys looking for an alternative to the SoCal strip club scene, with its nanny-state laws and SoCal prices.

The club combines the best of an American-style and Tijuana-style strip club experience. It’s located in the safe and high-end Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—the city’s cultural heart, just minutes from the border in one of the club’s free limos.

The club features an outstanding American-style fully-nude stage show, on a 3-pole stage large enough for the excellent pole dancers to show their moves.

And if you’ve ever wished for a sweet and slow Tijuana-style girl friend experience that started with drinks and flirtation and ended up with you spending the night with the girl, you can have that at Deja Vu Tijuana too.  The club features 62 luxury private bedrooms in its Spa—real bedrooms furnished with real full-sized beds and bed linens, all for less than the price of 30 minutes in the group VIP at home.

Unlike many of the entertainers in Tijuana’s notorious red light district (the Zona Norte), not only are the dancers gorgeous, but all dancers at Deja Vu Tijuana get weekly medical check-ups and are only allowed to work in the club with a clean bill of health.

The club admits guests age 18+ even though there’s a full bar (you only have to be 18 to drink in Tijuana).

For more information about the club, including how to get there and details on the easy border crossing, read on below. 

The Easy Way to Get to Deja Vu Tijuana

What to Bring:

As a United States citizen, you need either a traditional passport book or passport card to enter Mexico by foot via the San Ysidro-Tijuana pedestrian crossing.  You’ll be required to fill out a form at the border with your personal information and intended destination and length of stay.  If you’re planning to stay more than a week, you’ll be required to pay a fee of roughly US$20; for a shorter stay, there is no fee.

You need a passport or enhanced driver’s license for the return to the U.S. later.  A Trusted Traveler Card / Global Entry Pass can speed up your border crossing on your return.

You will need some dinero. A lot of things are inexpensive in Mexico, but they are not sin costo (free). At the time of this writing, the exchange rate for pesos was about a nickel (5⊄) per peso, or 20 pesos to the U.S. dollar.

You don’t actually need to exchange your U.S. money for pesos—both good old greenbacks and Mexican pesos will be accepted in Tijuana, but there are some additional savings possible using the Mexican domestic currency.

Crossing on Foot—What to Expect, Where to Park

The simplest, fastest way to get to Tijuana is on foot via the PedWest pedestrian crossing, at the east side of the Las Americas outlet mall where Virginia Avenue dead-ends at the border.  You’ll see signs for protected border station parking. In March 2017, the rates were $8 Monday through Thursday, $25 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Tijuana is a comfortable one-block walk from the exit of this lot.  Once you’ve crossed the border line, you’ll see red/green light stands.  Push the button at one.  You will almost always get an immediate green that allows you to continue on your way; if the light shows red, authorities may search your bags.

You’ll also see a lot of taxis waiting.  To grab a cab, offer $5.00 (but no more) for the ride to the Pueblo Amigo complex (the club address is Vía Oriente 9211).  Note that establishments in the Red Light District pay cabbies a bribe for bringing customers, so do not let him divert you!

The club is also an easy walk if you know where you’re going (less than a mile).

The Pueblo Amigo Compex

Tijuana BC Mexico

Deja Vu Showgirls is Located Minutes from the Border in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—The City’s Cultural Heart

Deja Vu Showgirls is located in the Pueblo Amigo complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro—the city’s cultural heart. The club exterior resembles a Mayan temple—you can’t miss it.

The complex also includes the highly-rated Pueblo Amigo hotel, gourmet restaurants and torta stands featuring freshly-prepared guacamole, a full-service casino called The Caliente, a sports book, and an independent barber shop that features old-fashioned, hot-towel-prepped, straight razor shaves for roughly $5.

In addition, two adjacent and competing Farmicias in the complex sell pharmaceuticals, mostly without prescriptions, for unbelievably low prices.

The entire complex is protected by 24/7 security, ensuring your safety if you want to venture out from Deja Vu Showgirls during your stay in Tijuana.

Ask one of the Deja Vu VIP hosts for further restaurant and entertainment recommendations.  He’ll be happy to help.

The Red Light District (Zona Norte)

Tijuana has a notorious red light district (the Zona Norte) known for live sex shows, strip clubs, brothels, bars and streetwalkers for every sexual taste.  That’s because prostitution is legal in Tijuana and—unlike in Nevada—prostitutes are not required to work in brothels.

In theory, Tijuana prostitutes must be licensed and get regular checkups for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). But busts of streetwalkers are common for being non-licensed or having expired medical documents. Enforcement is not strict.

The women pictured above are not school girls but some of the freelance streetwalkers who loiter in front of adult entertainment establishments in the Zona Norte.

The Red Light District is also known for drug trafficking and theft.  There are always a lot of tourists in the area, but it pays to be aware of your surroundings if you venture out of the Pueblo Amigo complex to the Red Light District.

A Tour of Déjà Vu Showgirls Tijuana

Deja Vu Tijuana is 100,000 square feet of pure hedonic entertainment space, larger than even Sapphire Las Vegas.

The main stage, with its three stripper poles, is also equipped with shower heads for the club’s famous midnight wet shows.

Plus there are five other stages throughout the club, three bars, and a collection of 15 second-story VIP rooms, called Skyboxes, with views of the entire scene below.  Bottle service is available and one of the Tijuana club’s great deals.

The More Private VIP Environment

The “Pink Mile” leads to the second floor, ultra-discreet, themed VIP private bedrooms, in an area called the Spa, perfect for an extended girlfriend experience.

The club’s 62 private bedrooms are furnished with a comfortable full-sized bed and luxury bed linens and are available by the half hour, hour, or the full night at $25 for 30 minutes, $40 an hour, or $200 for overnight.

A top-of-the-line in-house surveillance system ensures customers’ safety.

The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100.  Prices are posted prominently on the entrance to the club’s Spa.

There are also spa rooms furnished with jacuzzis and showers and specialty rooms, like the club’s dungeon.

A top-of-the-line in-house security system ensures all guests’ safety.

U.S. Dollars and Pesos are Both Accepted

Deja Vu Tijuana accepts both U.S. dollars and pesos for all services and tips.  Female patrons and couples are welcome at all times, including during the various live shows, and in all areas of the club, including the Spa.

There is no cover or admission fee before 8 pm.  There is a $5 cover after 8 pm, but you get a free shot for that.

All drinks are half price every day before 8 pm.  All domestics are $1 all day and night on Mondays.  All domestics and wells are $2 on Tuesdays.

The club admits guests age 18+ and you only have to be 18 to drink in Tijuana.  The club opens daily at noon.  Food service is available in both the main club showroom and the VIP and Spa rooms.

With a Déjà Vu VIP Card and a passport, Tijuana is yours, amigo!

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26 Responses to “Deja Vu Showgirls Tijuana – A Full Service Gentlemen’s Club”

  1. rick

    hi great site and very helpfull. Above you say “The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100”. the $100 max ois for what amount of time?
    Also may stop my Nevada on the way back. Do you know what the dual massage with happy ending bl costs at Sherri’s ranch these days?
    thanks a lot

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, the cost of a massage with a happy ending at Sheri’s depends on when you go, how long of a massage you want, and the girl you choose. On a weekday afternoon it may cost as little as $300.

      The rooms at Deja Vu Tijuana are available by the half hour, hour, or the full night at $25 for 30 minutes, $40 an hour, or $200 for overnight.

      The maximum charge for the dancer is another $100. It’s up to each girl how much time you’ll get for that.

  2. rick

    also would you know if the train out of San Diego goes all the way to the border crossing

  3. rick

    is there a lineup list of girls at this club?
    have you stayed at any hotels in Tijuana’s Zona Centro

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rick, no line-up list that I’m aware of. I’ve stayed at the Pueblo Amigo Hotel. Clean, modern, large rooms. Courteous staff. Good soundproofing. There’s a casino and a bar. Hardest mattress I’ve ever slept on.

      I’d stay again, but if you’re used to a pillow-top mattress, I’d bring some kind of mattress pad.

  4. Rock

    Surely the Zona Norte ‘red light’ District in Tijuana is Not a safe place for an America man after dark…especially alone…..correct ?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rock, I’m not sure about the Zona Norte. I know Americans go there after dark, but I was alone and didn’t want to risk it.

      But the Deja Vu club is in the Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro. It’s basically a self-contained plaza with a casino, a good hotel, good restaurants, the club, bars, etc. That felt safe to me after dark.

      • Rick

        Is Pueblo Amigo Hotel the only hotel in Pueblo Amigo Complex in Tijuana’s Zona Centro? If so, are there any other bordering hotels that are safe to go to after leaving the deja vu club

        • Arnold Snyder

          Rick, there are more hotels there. Check it out here.

          I stayed at Pueblo Amigo based on the recommendation of a friend for cleanliness, good security, and competent, courteous staff for the price. As you get cheaper, you tend to run into either less cleanliness or less security or broken TVs, hot water that doesn’t work, etc. But there are some bargains on that page that may be worth it.

  5. Rick

    Thanks. I just read the first 10 or so reviews of Pueblo Amigo. A lot were not great. Check out at:
    Is it easy to uber out at the border. Maybe I’ll stay on the usa side. I forgot about the bad water

    • Arnold Snyder

      All in all the reviews were pretty good. If you get a room with a problem, just immediately ask for another room.

      Don’t know about Uber, but a cab is just a few dollars.

    • Arnold Snyder

      John, the going rate for a 2-song private dance was roughly $20. The girls will sit in your lap and make out with you on the main floor for free.

  6. Robert

    Is it better to take cash with you or is an ATM there and not going to charge you a high service fee?

  7. Bill

    So part of me is tempted by this if vegas isn’t open. Although it is worrisome. Is the ref light district good in the daytime and clubs like Hong Kong open since you say it is not really safe at night. Seems like it would be better at night? In the deja vu section do they have girls as well at night or is it strictly red light district?



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