Biggest Vote Fraud Scheme in History

Las Vegas Now Canceling Public Events Into November for DNC Bat Plague Election-Rigging Hoax

The “Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire,” which takes place in Las Vegas every year in Sunset Park, has been cancelled by the Clark County Department of Parks and Recreation.  All seven Clark County Commissioners are Democrats.  Four of these clowns are facing elections this year.

The event had been scheduled this year for October 9-11.  This is the first time the three-day event has been cancelled since it began in 1996.  It’s been visited by an average of 32,000 people a year.

When the World Series of Poker was cancelled about a week ago, Caesars was still hopeful it would be rescheduled for the fall.  The WSOP online-poker website said it would be holding extra satellites to placate disappointed poker players.  Then they failed to schedule the satellites.  Talk about a tell.

A Simple Primer on Democrat Vote Fraud Methods 2016 – 2018

Millions of Fraudulent Democrat Votes

In my first post on the DNC’s Bat Plague election-rigging hoax, I said that Democrat politicians would try to keep the country shut down through at least the election — first, to destroy the economy to keep the vote margin close, and second, to set up the biggest Democrat vote fraud scheme in history with mail-in voting.

If you don’t know how modern Democrat vote fraud works, it goes way beyond the bribes and fake identities used by Mayor Daley of Chicago in 1960 to put JFK over the top. And the mail-in voting Democrats are demanding is particularly vulnerable to fraud.

First, huge numbers of mail-in ballots from the wrong voters “go missing”  every election.  I myself did not receive my absentee ballot in 2018 because it “went missing” in the mail.  I gave Clark County officials the benefit of the doubt until I didn’t receive the replacement ballot that was supposedly sent to me either.

I had to take extra steps to vote in person.  I also had to help elderly Republican neighbors whose ballots had gone missing get to the polls, including an elderly lady who can’t drive.  Roughly 2/3 of the Republicans in my community failed to receive their absentee ballots in 2018.  For the first time since I bought my house in 2001, Las Vegas added mail-in ballot fraud to non-citizen vote fraud to rig an election.

More than 28 million mail-in ballots have “gone missing” since 2012.  That’s 1 of every 5 mail-in and absentee ballots between 2012 and 2018.

But Democrats use more than missing ballots to rig elections with mail-in voting.  In Florida, witnesses say Broward County (Miami) Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes committed multiple types of mail-in vote fraud for Hillary in 2016.  The same types of vote fraud were reportedly carried out for Hillary in Florida’s Lee and Pasco counties and in 2018 for Gillum in Palm Beach County.

The methods are simple.  Witnesses reported that Snipes illegally opened more than 153,000 mailed-in ballots in private, disposing of those that voted for Trump.  She also had employees simply filling out blank ballots for Hillary — over 40,000.  Other employees were assigned to add an extra mark on thousands of Republican ballots so that the ballots improperly voted for two candidates and had to be tossed out.

And even in places where mail-in ballots are handled properly, Democrats have easy, low-tech methods to cheat.  In Democrat-run Detroit, election workers simply ran ballots with votes for Hillary through the counting machines multiple times.  The scam was discovered during the Michigan recount, when the number of votes recorded by the Detroit voting machines was higher than the number of voters that were logged in to vote.  59% of the precincts in Wayne County, Michigan, where Detroit is located, had more votes for Hillary than voters.

In one precinct, the discrepancy was so bad that election officials destroyed the voter log in an attempt to escape being found out.  Over half of Hillary’s Detroit vote faced disqualification.

In New Hampshire, the preferred vote fraud method used by Massachusetts Democrats in 2016 was same-day voter registration.  6540 people who lived out of state registered to vote in New Hampshire on election day 2016.  Only 18% of them actually followed through and became New Hampshire citizens after the election.

More than 80%, or 5,313 of them, neither obtained a state driver’s license nor registered a motor vehicle in the 10 months following the election. New Hampshire law gives new residents only 60 days to register their cars.  In the presidential race, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in New Hampshire by 2,736 votes.  The Democrat who won the New Hampshire Senate seat won by only 1017 votes.

A Texas Democrat border-town mayor was indicted a year ago for having people from out of town illegally register to vote for him using addresses where they didn’t actually live, including at an apartment complex he owned.  The number of his illegal registrations was bigger than his winning vote margin.

Peer-reviewed studies show that 8 to 13% of the 40 million non-citizens in the U.S. are voting illegally, overwhelmingly for Democrats.

And in the Alabama special U.S. Senate election of 2017, Democrats used bused-in voters and rigged voting machines in Montgomery County to steal the election.  Democrats cared so little about hiding the appearance of fraud that they actually claimed 100% of registered black female voters in the state showed up to vote in that special election (typical turnout would be 25-30%).  After the GOP candidate filed a vote fraud complaint, the Alabama Secretary of State rushed to destroy the election’s paper ballots.

In 2012, Black Panthers members turned away 75 official Republican election monitors from Philly polling places.

There are more methods, including Democrat vote fraud methods and convictions that have come out since this post, but you get the idea.

Note that when establishment politicians of either party talk about vote fraud, they never talk about the evidence of mass vote fraud.  They always point to some half-wit in Podunk who voted twice in two different states or counties, or stole his grandpa’s absentee ballot.  And note that John Merr1ll, the Secretary of State in Alabama who rushed to destroy vote fraud evidence, is an establishment Republican.

In any case, we have yet another indication that the Vegas strip clubs and casinos won’t be allowed to reopen any time soon. And don’t expect to start going to Raiders games come fall.

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  1. Tom Foolery

    The mob did a better job running this state than the current jokers in office.

  2. BennyHill

    We lost our liberties, our livelihoods and our country and no one cared. They ate takeout, watched Netflix and got government checks. We lost, it’s over.

  3. Aaron

    Just remember “Until its Safe” really means Never. Just read in the NY Post about the virus mutations. That’s going to increase the timeframes for vaccines. They are just going to keep pushing back further and further the all clear signal. The people that are not high risk need to go get on with life. The economy isnt going to survive a ” let’s wait and hope there is a magic cure” strategy.



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